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A partner to help in your homework.

We are a homework help services provider with tutors from the US that understand your needs in academics. We value the fact that getting reliable assistance in your assignments is hard and hence it is our goal to make sure that we walk you through the academic ladder with ease and peace of mind. This site is useful to both students and parents since today homework is a family affair. We appreciate the fact that finding a partner to walk with on the academic journey is hard but we assure you that we are in this together. With the resources required and a reliable partner like Allhomeworktutors.com, we believe that you will not experience battles either with your teachers, parents or kids. To deliver to that effect, we have established this online service for people who find it difficult to answer their questions, students who have no time to do all their assignments, not forgetting the need to provide you with easy to understand formulas and logical answers.

Homework help at Allhomeworktutors.com

To start utilizing our services, we need you to provide us with the details of the questions that you need help in. This is done by simply posting your assignment using the form above or if you need to add attachments to your question, just use this form. Remember that adding attachments to your questions can be done at any time on our site since we allow editing of the assignment in which you require help. You do not need to register first to start utilizing our services, when posting your question, we shall request for an email address; be careful about this since it is where your account details and credentials are sent after submitting your work on the site. After submitting the question using either the form on this page or on the one provided in the above link, you will be have created an account and we shall send you the link to your work or you can access it using our site in the My homework > My questions section.

What homework questions can I get help in?

With academic writers for every subject and grade of study, this is a one stop shop for your homework needs. Our academic experts have their own areas of expertise indicated on the site and it is therefore necessary that you check on a teacher’s profile to see what he or she is qualified in. Another important aspect to note is that we have academic writers’ rating system where other students like have rated them on previous help provided by a tutor with regard to their homework.

Is the help to my homework provided online?

Yes, all the help you get on your homework is online and over our website. External arrangements between an academic expert and a student are not warranted on our money back guarantee. It is important however to make sure that if you questions are on an online portal, please provide the tutor with the necessary information to access them and the tutor should ensure that all the payments are made using our site.

How our homework help works

It is free to post your questions and you do not need to pay for it compared to other companies that make you send them money when you are not even sure who is going to provide you with help. We give the student a chance to choose their own academic tutors. This is the situation of willing a buyer willing seller market.

The student after selecting his or her favorite tutor will then proceed by giving that teacher a go ahead to work on answers.

What are your charges for help with my homework?

We are a competitive market and try as much as we can to not dictate the payments made by our students. On the post your question form, there is field for the student to indicate the price that he or she is willing to pay. Reasonable and high prices attract high quality tutors to bid for your homework. It is the desire for every student to get help from a well rated and qualified tutor on their questions and just like in every other market; high quality is charged highly compared to lower quality services.

Our homework resources to help you

We are a continuously expanding company and we register tutors in all subjects like math, accounting, physics, biology, chemistry, English, Spanish etc. The teachers that work for us have qualifications to undertake high school, college, undergraduate, masters and Phd levels homework by our vast population of students. These tutors are always online 24/7 all-round the year making us a reliable partner in your assignment needs.

How do I get a tutor to start helping me with my homework questions

After posting your assignment, the tutors who are online will start sending you bidding messages using our handshake model. It is from those requests that you choose the one that has marketed his or herself convincingly. This can be done by checking on the following;

  • Rank of the tutor-this is the number of stars in the overall ratings of the tutor. Our system does its own calculation for a tutor’s total rating and ranks the tutor by showing you how he or she provides quality homework help to other students.
  • Latest review of the tutor- when students are rating a tutor’s help with regard to their homework, they always provide a review indicating the conduct of the tutor. It is always advisable that you read several reviews from other students about the tutor before allowing him or her to provide you with help.

I have selected my tutor, what next?

After you have agreed to a tutor’s request to offer you help with your homework. The next step is submitting a thirty percent downpayment of the price that you are willing to pay for the services. The downpayment seals a deal between you and that specific tutor. It also acts as the security for the tutor not to waste his or her time working on your homework the student refuses to buy the answer finally. You can rate the handshake, file a dispute and get your money back if the tutor selected did not provide the required help. Tutors should not start providing help to a student before the downpayment is made to every homework question.

Can I get help to my homework for free?

Our teachers spend their time and energy providing help to students’ homework difficulties. It is only fair that they get rewarded for such efforts. If your homework question is easy and does not require a lot of scientific research, you may get a tutor who is willing to help for free. It is important to recall that we do not charge for posting your homework questions; you will only pay a tutor when both parties have agreed on the value of money for the services.

I want to be a tutor, how do I get started?

Welcome to the Allhomeworktutors.com teachers’ community. By joining us, you will grow your career as an online homework helper and make a living. To get started, create an account by registering here. After logging in, you should update or create a teacher profile that will be interesting to students. Indicate the following on your profile.

  • Short about

    This should be a short marketing statement that appears on our Who is online panel for students to see the available teachers willing to offer help in their homework. It should in an instance make a student understand what you offer and want to check out on your profile before entitling you with their homework.

  • About

    On this box, please tell the students about yourself. It is an introduction of who you are and allows our students to know you better. Indicate your passion, make the student understand and love you so that they can reliably be willing to let you help them in their homework. Students like to use tutors who are real and by providing a unique description of yourself and the quality of help that you will be providing, a student is more likely to give you his or her homework as compared to a teacher who has a poorly written about statement.

  • Qualifications

    We continuously monitor and verify the qualifications of our homework helpers. On this part, we usually request that you indicate the real and verifiable qualifications. You should start with your highest qualification in a descending order. Students need to know that you are a qualified person before giving you their homework to offer them help. It is also not allowed for you to provide qualifications that we cannot verify, if we ask for your qualifications and they do not match what is in your profile, we shall then disapprove your teacher account and you will not be able to provide our students with help on their homework anymore.

  • Experience

    Here you should carefully state your working experience and especially where and how long you have worked as a provider of help to students with their homework. Just like a normal recruitment process, students would like to be helped by well experienced teachers as compared to newbies. Most teachers with over ten years’ experience will always secure more homework questions than the others. It is also important to state under your experience the fields of study that you comfortable to offer help.

  • Areas of expertise

    Just like the saying goes, you cannot be a jack of all trades. At this juncture, we require you to state your primary area of expertise by selecting one primary area of homework help. You will be able to add more secondary areas after submitting your profile and when your teacher account is approved. You should select the primary area with care since we always send notifications to your email address every time a homework questions that is relevant to you has been posted. This makes sure that our students get teachers to offer them help instantly after posting questions.

  • Check to receive notifications on homework in your area of expertise

    This is a very important field for our teachers. If this is checked, you will always get new homework notifications in your email telling you that someone has just posted a question in a field you can help in. We always aim at giving every teacher an equal opportunity and hence the emails are sent to all tutors who have marked that they can be of assistance in a certain field of expertise.

  • Verifying Your PayPal Account

    After submitting your teacher profile, we shall receive it and when your account has been approved, you will be required to verify your PayPal account. This is done once for free. Just click on verify your PayPal account and you will be redirected to PayPal. No money is deducted from your account. This is just to make sure we have the right email address to send your payments to when you have provided students with help.

Do you have a money back guarantee?

Our homework help services are money back guaranteed. If you feel that the tutor did not provide you with the assistance required, you will be assured that after trying all the available means for him or her to deliver quality. After satisfactorily proving that you did not achieve what you aimed, we shall return all the money you spent for that specific question.

How should I use the answers provided by a teacher?

If you are the original author of a homework question, it is advisable that the answers you purchase here be reviewed before submitting for grading. The reason for this is that an answer can be purchased by several other students in your class and if you submit it word to word, you will be charged of cheating. When you have decided to purchase an answer to question that you did not actually author, then you should strictly use it as a tutorial to author a new one. We encourage buying an answer that is already bought but you should use it for reference purposes only. Our teachers will continuously post tutorials on our site to homework questions that they feel they have high quality answers on.

Making your homework easy

We understand the trend today and homework can be a torture especially if you do not know who or where to turn for help. At Allhomeworktutors.com, we make sure that you get A++ grades in all your subjects and we work all round the clock to make sure you stay free of assignment stresses. Our tutors are continuously ranked by our system and the best ones are given a higher priority so it is the responsibility of every teacher here to deliver quality and original work.

Got a friend looking for help in homework?

If you have a friend(s) who requires some help in their homework please refer them to our website using your referral link on your profile. This is one of the best affiliate program where each student you bring us makes your earn 20% of our profit share for every question that they get help on. Go to your profile , copy your referral link and spread it across you social media accounts, blogs and other platforms and when your friends gets help from our teachers on their homework, we shall automatically give you 20% every time we get a profit from them. This is a lifetime referral program.

Continue enjoying our services

We welcome you once again to continue utilizing our services. We are the best providers of help to students and we constantly continue improving our site usage and policies to make sure you get the best assistance with your homework. Any update with regard to our site shall be sent as notification in your email and this is real. Post a question online here. If you have any further questions, please feel free to drop us a line on the chat bar below or use our contact us page. We value your secrecy and we shall never give your details to a third party.

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