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Description: OPTION #6: Push-Ups Label the y-axis be 3 of pushups Label the x-axis in days This activity is designed to determine if performing 3 sets of push ups a day increases the maximum number of push ups you can complete in one minute Procedure: Record the maximum number of pushups you are able to complete in 1 minute PUSHUPS: Lie face down on the mat and place your hands palm down on the mat next to your shoulders. Push yourself up so that your arms are fully extended. Return to the down position, allowing your chest to touch the mat. Be sure to keep the back, hips, and legs in the same plane throughout the exercise Repeat this procedure each day for 28 days Days 1-7--Establish your baseline #pushup in 1 minute Days 8-21—Intervention is prior to measurement, practice with 3 sets of 10 push ups Your intervention is practicing with 30 pushups total, you will have terrific arms by the end of this study! After practicing, record the maximum number of pushups completed in 1 minute Days 22-28---NO more practicing prior to measurement, but continue to measure the number of pushups in 1 minute Grading/Elements of your Paper 1. Objective/Hypothesis/Purpose of study (10 points) 2. Methods: How was the study completed? Were the methods appropriate? What was the intervention? (10 points) 3. Results: Discuss the results and data. Are they logical? Clear? Show your graph, legends, tables, etc (20 points) 4. Conclusions: Address questions posed in this study. (50 points divided as follows) What do you expect the graph to look like if there is a relationship between treatment and response? (5) What did you find? Was it expected or unexpected? (5) Is there a relationship between your activity and treatment? (10) What was the percent change between the initial baseline and treatment periods? (10) What was the percent change between the treatment and final baseline periods? (10) What are some problems with performing, analyzing, or making assumptions from your cross over study and/or the experiment design overall? (10) Relay any physiological concepts that relate to your study. 5. Formatting, references, extra components (10 points)

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