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Welcome to our homework answers services

We are excellent answers providers to students in every subject. Our service is the most convenient one in the market where students get the freedom to get answers instantly or having them done for them uniquely by a team of online tutors in various homework areas. We must all agree that it is difficult for students to complete all their assignments on the time specified hence the need for our services. In today’s education cycle, homework is given in large amounts and hence there is a need for you to get answers from experts.

How do I get started at

There are two major ways to get started at

By posting your homework question

This is a simple and easy process where you post your homework questions for our tutors to provide answers. This is done by inputting the form above and for this section there are two methods also.

Posting homework questions for answers as a guest

We are glad that you just landed on our homework answers page. You should not navigate from this page to post your questions. Just provide the following details for our teachers to start working on your homework.

The title of the homework question is a must and it it required

Please give your homework question a unique title as this attracts the attention of our online tutors to provide you with answers. Eye catching titles allows you to easily locate the assignment easily on your account hence this is important.

Your email address is required.

After you submit your homework question, we shall send an email to your address with details of your account and automated log-in credentials. You will now be able to sign in and continue with the handshake process or get answers from our tutors. The username of your account can only be change for a period of up to 72 hours. If however you have made a purchase or made a downpayment to a tutor for your question’s answers, you will not be able to change your username.

The Due Date

The next item on the form is the due date i.e. when you will require the online tutors to deliver your answers. This date is automatically set to today’s date but it is the responsibility of the student to change it when posting the homework question. The due date really helps our online tutors when planning their work and it also helps on ensuring timely delivery of your homework question’s answers. Always make sure you agree on the due date before signing agreements with the teacher.

Homework question fields of study

This gives the student an opportunity of indicating the subject for his or her homework questions. It is important to indicate these fields since our tutors are always sent email notifications for newly posted work. This is crucial because every student would need an expert in his or her field of study or homework. Homework tutors who are qualified /experienced in such areas provide high quality answers as compared to newbies. For example tutors with experience in providing math answers would do a great job than those that do not have any knowledge in the subject. With that in mind, our online tutors are given a chance to select their major area of homework. We allow teachers to add more secondary areas of expertise that they are comfortable in provide answers to available questions.

Homework question description field

This is one of the most important fields when posting your homework. It gives a student a chance to include unlimited content about the question that he or she needs answers to. You cannot include attachment to your homework question at this point but we shall give you a chance to add as many attachments as possible to your assignment later. To copy and paste content on the description form, you will need to use the keyboard functions CTRL+V. To add attachments to your homework questions after using the above form, please go to My homework>My questions>Add attachments. If you need to include attachments as a guest, use this form.

The price section

At, we do not pre-determine the price to charge for our teachers’ services. The student has freedom to indicate the price that he or she is willing to pay or buy their homework answers. In this section you should indicate a reasonable price depending on the amount your work. It is important to note that our online tutors are more attracted to homework questions with a higher price tag. It is also common sense that you get what you pay for and if you need quality answers you have to satisfactorily pay for them.

Submit your homework question

After filling all the details in the question form, you should press the submit button at the bottom of the form and after filling the anti-spam field. If you are a guest and has never signed up on our site, you shall be prompted to check your email for your log in details and also a link to your homework questions. After your first log in to the site, please change your password and also edit your username before proceeding to start getting answers.

Getting homework answers as an existing user

This happens when you already have an account on our website and we thank you for continuously utilizing our homework answers services. For you to post a question as an existing user you will just need to use any of the post forms or CLICK HERE .Here is a detailed analysis of the form.

Homework question title

This is the first section of the form for a student who already has used our homework answers before. You will notice we are not requesting for your email address as we already have it in our database. It is important to include an eye catching title for your homework question since this attracts the attention of online tutors who will then approach you with requests for handshake in order to start working on your answers.

Your homework question’s due date

This is a very important field on this form in order to avoid any inconveniences and also to make sure that you get enough time to revise or go through your answer after buying it. It is always advisable that you indicate a due date which is before the final homework submission day. The due date shall also help our teacher that you have selected to provide answers in managing the delivery of your homework. Remember that the earlier you get answers to your homework the better since there shall be ample time to review and conceptualize it before submitting for grading. Another advantage of giving an earlier deadline is that you get time for the teacher who did your homework answers to revise them should you need such a revision.

Question’s field of study

When posting your homework, it is important that you clearly identify the technical area of study so that we can try as much as possible to send notification about the question to the most relevant online teachers. For this reason, you should select from the drop box on the form titled field of study the most relevant area of your question. There is a high probability that you will get handshake requests from homework tutors with extensive experience in your field hence providing quality answers.

The price section of the form

This is a field in the form where the student needs to indicate the price they are willing to pay when buying answers to questions posted. Remember that we do not charge anything when posting your homework question and you are only required to pay when you have decided to buy answers. It is good that you indicate an attractive price if you need the best tutors to approach you with requests for providing your questions with answers.

Question description

This field is mandatory and has no word limit for the content you input there as long as it is relevant to your homework question. This field gives more details to the online tutors; it gives the format/ style that you need your homework answers in, the number of references and the grading rubrics from your professors. To copy and paste the content of your questions, please use the keyboard shortcut CTRL+V.

The Receive notification check box

This is a very important check box when posting your question since when you tick it, direct email notifications shall be sent when any activity is done on your homework. Such notifications include:

  • New handshake notifications
  • New homework answers notifications
  • A new message from your online teachers.
  • Answers edit notification sent directly to your inbox

The “is tutorial” check box

This box should be used only by tutors who want to sell their tutorials on our website. A student requiring to buy or get homework answers to a question should not check the tutorial box since this disables the handshake function to your question. A tutorial in simple terms means that a tutor has answers to a homework question that he or she feels can sell online. Because we are an online homework market, we encourage tutors to post tutorials in the form of unique homework questions and also post the answers to such questions without necessarily being sent handshake messages by other teachers who are online. So for students requiring freshly authored answers do not check the tutorial box.

Attachment section

This is an important section for our form since if a student feels that his or her homework question has more details in the form of documents, worksheets, PowerPoint, databases, data tables etc., it is advisable that you add the details in the form of attachments so that our tutors can provide your answers smoothly and start working on them instantly after signing the handshake agreement. If you do not know how to add compressed attachments, please read here.

What happens after posting my homework questions?

Thank you for placing your order with us and we really appreciate. Now that your question has been received, we instantly send notifications to the tutors who have selected your field of study as their expertise notifying them of the question. Tutors who are already online will start approaching you with messages and handshake requests to provide answers to your homework questions. After you have looked at their profiles and identified a highly rated tutor, reply to his handshake thread indicating to him your interest in his services. Before signing the agreement please make sure that you have agreed on the deadline, the price for your homework answers and the amount of downpayment to pay for it before the tutor starts working.

I have signed the agreement and completed the down payment, when do I get my homework answers?

Now that you have signed our online agreement, the teacher selected will start working on your answers instantly. If you have already agreed on the deadline, it is now the responsibility of the tutor to make sure that your question’s answers have been delivered before the due date. If however you instantly needed the answers to your homework and the online tutor has agreed on delivering in stipulated timeline; then be assured that he or she will post them at the agreed time.

Tutor did not deliver on time, what should I do?

Please remember that we value our customers and we are sorry to hear about the failure by teacher to deliver your answers. There are several remedies that we offer for this and they are as follows

  • First you can try communicating to the online tutor using messages and remind him or her that your answers are late for submission and hence he should give an assurance about when he is expecting to deliver them. If the online tutor responds and explains the delay in delivery of the homework, then you should either compromise on a delivery time or make him understand that it is now urgent.
  • The second remedy is filing a dispute to the tutor for the downpayment amount that you paid to him to start working on your questions. When you file a dispute, please use the PayPal transaction code to identify the amount that you want to file a dispute to. When a dispute is filed with regard to homework answers delivery delay, the tutor is bound to refund the entire amount you had paid for him or her to start working.

My homework question has been provided with answers, how do I access them?

Now that the online tutor whom you signed an agreement with has delivered the answer. Go to My Homework>My Questions and select the title of the one that you received notification about. When you click on the title of the homework question under this section, you will be redirected to the question page in a new browser tab. From that tab, scroll down the question page until you see the section Answer where you will select the answers from the online tutor that you had an agreement with (remember that one homework question can be answered by many online tutors). Click the Buy Answer button and you will be redirected to where you will pay the amount remaining after subtracting the down payment. When the payment for buying your answers is confirmed, the system shall unlock them you will have a full access for an unlimited time.

I am happy about my homework answers, what should I do?

We are grateful for enjoying our services. Now that one of our homework tutors has given you quality answers, it is only fair that you reward him or her by giving them a good rating which will appear on the teacher’s profile. To do this you can rate both the handshake agreement and the answers posted to your questions. By giving an online tutor a high rating, other student like you will benefit from his services and that is why we encourage leaving a review for our tutors to continue serving others better.

Can I buy homework answers instantly from your website?

Have you found a question similar to the one that you need answers for on our site? Great, you can make a direct purchase to buy the homework answers. Always remember that solutions not originally authored for you should only be used as reference since it means they have already being submitted for grading by another student. When you buy answers to homework questions which you are not the author, then make sure you re-write them to avoid plagiarism.

One good method to know whether any of the homework answers that you might be interested in have been submitted for grading is by checking the number of times that they have been purchased and this information is availed at the Answer section of the question page you are looking for.

What more do you I need to know?

We have tried as much as possible to exhaust this guide about However should you feel that we left something behind, you can always refer to our HELP PAGE and if you are still not satisfied please contact us using the chat bar below or using our contact us page and we shall be glad to help. Continue enjoying our homework answers services and also do not miss out on our permanent referral program for every student that signs up using your referral link from our site. You can get your referral link at My Account >Profit Share.

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