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13869 hw help calculus
13868 you want to invest $425,000 to supplement your retirement income. You wish to draw $30,000 a year in interest. You will split your investment among 3 investments: 60,000 will corporate bonds earning an average interest of 3%, the remaining investment will split between stock and mutual fund and a real estate investment trust. The stock mutual fund has return 11% and the real estate investment trust has an average of 5.5%. How much should you invest if you wish to have $30,000 per year income? calculus


I need homework help but don't have time to do it myself due overtime at work. I need someone to complete it for me. I see a couple of places online but I would like someone local. Please see attachment. I also have the book for the reference notes mentioned in the study material if needed. The lessons are from Richard J Fowler Electricity Principles & Applications 8th edition. I need questions in unit 3 (30-36) completed and unit 4 (29-37). If you can help please send me your quote.

Tai Smith


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