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The job market has evolved tremendously over the past few decades making the academic world to considerably adjust so that they can produce professionally qualified persons for the tasks bestowed upon them in various industries and sectors. To achieve releasing qualified personnel in the world, schools and training institutions have revised and reviewed their syllabuses making them even more challenging to the learner. This has led to somehow more burdens being left for the trainees to accomplish on their own what teachers, professors and instructors cannot cover in the normal pre-scheduled school time. Therefore it is clear that every scholar will most probably find him or herself deep in an ocean of research papers, essays and assignments which tends to keep them pre-occupied for the rest of their school life. This can be harmful especially to those people that combine jobs or co-curricular activities with classes. To clearly understand the situation, a survey done about the amount of homework that is enough has indicated that most teachers are overwhelmingly giving assignments to students as compared to directly teaching the concepts in class.

Advantages of homework

Before you go ahead cursing all the assignments being issued for your completion at school, it’s important to understand the benefits that come along. According to the U.S. department of education , apparently these are the goodies you reap from undertaking tasks given by your teacher in class. 

First and foremost, the student gets a chance to revise, review and understand what was taught in class. This could be true if you are given a continuation of what you covered with the teacher on that particular day. 

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Secondly, a teacher could give homework to prepare the students for the next course according to the teaching scheme. This occurs when a professor gives uncovered work for you to study ahead and then he or she covers the topic in details during the normal class time. It can highly help in synthesizing even hard concepts about the subject. When students undertake research and essays by themselves, they will properly learn how to utilize the resources at their disposal for example referencing materials, websites(research /academia ) to gather information about a specific subject or topic and finally libraries be they school or community ones. Exploration of what has been taught could be highly acquired when more assignments are given. This is due to the reason that classroom time doesn’t permit a teacher to cover everything in details hence allocating specific task to a learner would help in covering what was left out.Students become conversant to  integrating their learning process with application of differed skills to a specific tasks for example; a book report or a science research paper would involve data collection, collection of facts about the subject/ study and comprehensively arranging the information to an understandable document. Last but not least, assignments give students a sense of responsibility where they learn to independently plan and complete assigned tasks to them with minimal or no supervision. This encourages self-discipline especially when it comes to time management and meeting deadlines.Despite these facts, homework really helps in maintaining the bond between teachers and parents. The parents are also kept informed about the student’s performance progress as well as programs and policies of the school and teachers.

How homework helps in learning 

When teachers give out meaningful and quality assignments, they greatly increase the performance of students and hence increased grades. This can be achieved if meaningful results are returned to the pupil who undertook the assignment. The purposes of every class assignment would involve following clear instructions, measuring the ability of the subject to understand the topic and ultimately improve development of knowledge and skills. When given in earlier grades, children develop positive attitudes towards school and good study habits are observable since they learn how to independently manage their time and meet scheduled deadlines. Small tasks and not very involving ones should be given to kids in in third to sixth grades with gradual increments each year which could support improved studies’ achievement. From the seventh grade upwards, research has shown that kids who completed more amount of homework scored well in standard tests and they fetch better grades on average compared to those that undertook minimal or no assignments at all.  The research clearly portrayed that the difference in exam scores and grades acquired by students who complete more class work and those that didn’t vary considerably up the ladder of studying. 

How much homework is enough?

This is a variable which is dependent on skills and age of the student. The National Parents and Teachers organization have conducted detailed research and studies to come up with the following conclusions;

Kids in kindergarten all through to second grade can gain much with ten to twenty minutes of assignments each school day.  Above third grade all the way to sixth grade, thirty to sixty minutes of homework each school-day is considered as appropriate. From seventh to ninth grade, the amount spent can vary from time each day. Situation considerations are in order for the amount of time spent to complete assignments for example reading tasks might require more duration to complete as compared to writing. Talking to the teachers about a kid’s amount of homework could help a parent understand why it is either in excess or short of required duration as well as making you comprehend their policies about it. 

Tips to timely homework completion 

For young children, it is important that the entire family show concern to make them understand that assignments are important. This allows kids to know deep inside that completing and submitting essay papers , quizzes and other classroom tasks on time is important for everyone hence a good reason to give them morale. We shall discuss various things that parents and other family members can do to make sure kids successfully undertake their school tasks.

Setting regular times for homework

Every parent or guardian should have an almost specific time for their kids to complete homework. This time should work appropriately both for the parent and the kids since whatever time that is best for one family may not be the same for another. Considerations should be based on various factors such as the age and other specific needs for the student/pupil. Some students may perform well during the morning hours, afternoons or after dinner. Others could prefer an hour or two of play before carrying out their assignment tasks etc.  Whatever the case, your child should complete the homework as soon as it is given to them. 

Sometimes co-curricular activities like sports, debate and music classes could force you to form flexible homework schedules. This could cause your child to complete assignments after school or after dinner as per the activities planned on that specific day. However, homework should get a higher priority and if some of the activities hinder timely completion, then they should be re-planned or done away with altogether. Working with the school and teachers could help you in scheduling independent times for homework completion. This can be accomplished by taking into consideration some factors such as the grade of the kid, the out of class activities and the policies of the institution about assignments. When you have daily activities planned for the kids, always place that timetable at a reachable place such as the door of your refrigerator. Setting specific times for homework will discourage the kid from hasty completion so that e or she can involve in other activities such as watching the TV. This will also allow them to make sure that they bring their assignments home.

Select an appropriate place for the kids to do their homework

This doesn’t mean having a fancy space for homework, it means providing the necessary infrastructure such as a table, a computer and a chair. A books storage cabinet or drawers could be appropriate but not a must. The space could be inside the kids’ bedroom, a kitchen table or a specified corner in your living room.  This should however be easy to access and monitor for the parent. Simple decorations such as plants, colorful equipment and the kids’ previous artworks could make the duration of doing homework more enjoyable. 

Keep minimal distractions or eliminate them

Common domestic distractions may hinder kids from completing their assignments on time after coming home from school. Such things including leaving the television on when your child is busy with school work, allowing them to be scrolling their mobile phones for example if a kid is messaging, doing online chats or making phone calls . However, phone calls and chats related to the school work with a friend maybe allowed. If other family members are undertaking noisy activities, it is improper for the kid to complete school tasks as the activities continue. In short giving your kid an appropriate environment will go big milestones.

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