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Clinical psychology Please READ MY DESCRIPTION!


These are similar  questions that will be on a bonus assignment I need help with. These aren't the answers I need help with the rather I would like to test you to see if you can help me. I have the correct answers  for these so I wanna see if it's correct before we proceed. (Attach is the topics )

i Will pay 50 for the next assignment if you get all these correct! 


Skinner’s explanation of his superstitious experiment made use of the concept of
Select one:
a. interim behaviors
b. terminal behaviors
c. accidental reinforcement
d. autoshaping

Ebbinghaus tested the affects of ______________, ______________ and ______________ on remembering a series of nonsense syllables.

Select one:
a. contingency, similarity and contrast
b. encoding, storage and retrieval
c. repetition, time and contiguity
d. reinforcement, forgetting and complex ideas

Sadness causes a person to cry.” What would a behavior analyst say about this statement?

A. The statement is incorrect because some environmental event, rather than “sadness” caused the person to cry.

B. Sadness is inferred from crying, and is therefore not a cause.

C. Behavior analysts do not subscribe to feelings as causes of behavior.
d. All of the above represent what behavior analysts would endorse.

E. The statement is correct

The law of effect states that behaviors that result in a/an ________ event will ________ in frequency and those that result in a/an ________ event will _________ in frequency.

Select one:
a. annoying, decrease; satisfying, increase
b. satisfying, decrease; annoying, increase
c. observable, increase; private, decrease
d. private, increase; observable, decrease

The graph shows the number of tantrums a child has per day under a baseline condition. Based on the data, what would be your next step?


AHave a celebration—your treatment works!
b. Try a new approach—the treatment is not effective
c. Run more trials until stability occurs.
D. Implement your treatment since the data are stable.

The dependent variable of choice for Thorndike to measure response strength would be ________ where as Skinner would use _______.
Select one:
a. latency; response rate

b. terminal behaviors; interim behaviors
c. response rate; latency
d. interim behaviors; terminal behaviors

B in a reversal design refers to
Select one:
a. baseline
b. treatment
c. behavior
d. reversal condition


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