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Interpretative Analysis Discussion


IMPORTANT: Use your own words, no plagrism


Answer one (1) of the interpretive prompts in a short paragraph (Min. 150 words) in the following format:

  1. Answer a question with a declarative thesis or theory that directly addresses the prompt.
  2. Use specific textual evidence (direct quote from primary text) to support your theory.
  3. Introduce a quote – “set the stage” with how this quote supports your assertion.
  4. Use a signal phrase that identifies a character or narrator or situation and copy the quote exactly as it is written in the text.
  5. Finish the quote with an appropriate parenthetical citation.
  6. Interpret how the quote relates to the context of the literature – “So What” (beyond the obvious literal translation) does this quote prove?



Hawthorne: "The Birthmark"

  1. As a 19th century woman, how is Georgiana “trapped in the laboratory of man’s mind, the object of unrelenting scrutiny, examination, and experimentation” (Fetterley 419). Is Georgiana responsible for her own death?
  2. As a 19th century scientist, can Aylmer be regarded as an idealist who is devoted to the greater good? How is Aylmer’s “sin” a sin of pride?
  3. What does the birthmark symbolize? How does Aylmer’s view differ from the views of others presented in the story?
  4. What do Aylmer’s other experiments reveal about the nature of his work? How do they foreshadow what will happen to Georgiana?
  5. Compare the laboratory to the couple’s bedroom. How are these descriptions significant in gendering space?  What moral role does Aminadab play in Hawthorne’s allegory? What is the lesson of Hawthorne’s allegory?

Faulkner: “Rose for Emily”

  1. How does Emily represent a “fallen monument?”  What is the significance of laying a rose at the base of a monument? 
  2. Who is the unnamed narrator?  For whom is he speaking? What cultural values are reflected through the narrator?
  3. What is the effect of the final paragraph in the story? How does the ending contribute to your understanding of Emily’s relationship with her father and Homer Barron?

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