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HUMA 2319 Mid-Term Exam


Due 2/13/16

Culture is the values, norms, language, tools and other shared products of society that provide a plan for social life. Culture spans ethnicities, sexes, and generations, among other things; the difference is the degree of complexity and the pace of change.
A symbol is that which represents something else. Norms and values are often transmitted within a culture or to other cultures through symbolic elements such as language, gesture and stance, style of clothing, hairstyle, social distance, time use, or symbolic representation such as flags.

A subculture is the culture of a subgroup of society that adopts norms that set them apart from the dominant group; for instance persons who live in a Chinatown but are integrated into the life of the city as a whole. A counterculture is a subculture whose norms and values are not just different from but in conflict with those of the dominant culture.
Ethnocentrism is the tendency to use one's own cultural values in evaluating the beliefs and customs of other cultures with different values. It can be useful to a society in that it bonds members together, but can also lead to conflict with people from other cultures.
Question 1: Do you feel that diversity is growing or lessening and what role do generational differences play? Answer both on a research-based level and a personal level. Give examples; don’t just make statements.
Remember to cite your sources, both in-text and on a Reference page.
Note: Get data to support your positions and look at the generational issues on a macro scale as well as on a local or personal level. For example, it is a fact that there are more countries in the world than ever. Large unions, such as the Soviet Union, have broken into smaller countries and others have fractured within themselves. We also know that people are more mobile than ever and that many young people have traveled to, lived in, and worked in many countries.
Question 2:
Using the definition of ethnocentrism above, how does ethnocentrism affect your viewpoint of, and relationship with others in your personal or work life? Give two or more examples.
Question 3:
I have uploaded an article by Allan Johnson in Module 2. The name is DEFINING PRIVILEGE.
I would like for you to first offer your view of the essay; is it valid in your opinion or is it not valid in your opinion? Explain why.
Second, I would like for you to explain the negative (or positive) effect of privilege, in healthcare.

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