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Truth Table and Tree diagram, and product tables only 7 questions,,,,,,due tomorrow by 3 pm Central Time EASY MONEY



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1. Use a truth table to determine if the following arguments are valid or invalid. If the argument is not valid, determine which lines of the table fail to be true.

(a)    (3 points)


If it is raining, I will need to pack an umbrella.


I do not pack an umbrella


Therefore, it is not raining.

(b) (3 points)


If my daughter goes on a date, I will constantly text her.


If my daughter doesn’t go a date, she will do her homework.


I constantly text on my daughter.


My daughter didn’t do her homework.

2.   (3 points) Consider only the smallest individual cube and assume solid stacks. Determine the number of cubes in each stack that are not visible from the perspective show:

3.   (3 points) The high school math club consists of four people: Paul, Rachael, Ryan, Emily. Using a tree diagram, list all the possible ways to elect a president, vice-president, and treasurer, assuming each student can only be elected to one position.


4.   (3 points) Consider the workers Fred, Michael, Edith, Sam, Wilma, and Vicky. Their boss needs to select two of them to perform a certain task. Using a prod-uct table, list all the possible ways the boss could pick two people to perform the task. Hint: The two people must be distinct, and the order in which they are chosen doesn’t matter.


5.   (3 points) Count number of 8-character license plates containing the letters A, B, C, D, E and digits 0-9 if the first two characters have to be letters, the third through seventh characters have to be digits, and last character can either be an odd digit or a vowel. Repetition of letters and numbers is allowed.


6.   (3 points) A hockey team consists of six players: a center, two wings, two de-fense, and one goalie. How many teams are possible from a pool of 15 people, assigning each person to a specific position?



7.  (3 points) A urn contain 3 red balls, 4 blue balls, and 5 yellow balls. If you pick six balls from the urn and don’t replace them, how many ways are there to pick 1 red ball, 2 blue balls, and 3 red balls? 

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