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Biology paper 5 page double spaced easy topic choices


Term Paper


The term paper should be 5 pages double-spaced using 12 point font or smaller. A minimum of 4 references are required.  Acceptable references include journals, books, and credible websites.  The topic for the paper must be chosen from the list below or cleared with me.  Either APA or MLA formats are acceptable.  All papers will be checked with anti-plagiarism software.  The term paper is due October 26th.


2011 Nuclear disaster in Japan          

Global climate change

Nuclear Energy                                  

Toxins in our food

Drugs in our waters                           

Mercury in our water and food

Human population growth                

Our environmental responsibilities as humans




the paper is very general and if you were to have any questions you could ask me about it 4 sources are required and I would appreciate it to be in MLA format with a source page also.


I am looking for a very good grade on this as it is important to gpa and am willing to tip for a great paper here....

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