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Reading Practice Test for the TEAS


Reading Practice Test for the TEAS

Reading Material

Chang-Rae Lee's debut and award-winning novel Native Speaker is about Henry Park, a Korean-American individual who struggles to find his place as an immigrant in a suburb of New York City. This novel addresses the notion that as the individuals who know us best, our family, peers, and lovers are the individuals who direct our lives and end up defining us. Henry Park is confronted with this reality in the very beginning of the novel, which begins:

The day my wife left she gave me a list of who I was.

Upon separating from his wife, Park struggles with racial and ethnic identity issues due to his loneliness. Through Parks' work as an undercover operative for a private intelligence agency, the author presents the theme of espionage as metaphor for the internal divide that Park experiences as an immigrant. This dual reality creates two worlds for Park and increases his sense of uncertainty with regard to his place in society. While he constantly feels like an outsider looking in, he also feels like he belongs to neither world.

Chang-Rae Lee is also a first-generation Korean American immigrant. He immigrated to America at the early age of three. Themes of identity, race, and cultural alienation pervade his works. His interests in these themes no doubt stem from his first-hand experience as a kid growing up in a Korean household while going to an American school. Lee is also author of A Gesture Life and Aloft. The protagonists are similar in that they deal with labels placed on them based on race, color, and language. Consequently, all of these characters struggle to belong in America.

Lee's novels address differences within a nation's mix of race, religion, and history, and the necessity of assimilation between cultures. In his works and through his characters, Lee shows us both the difficulties and the subtleties of the immigrant experience in America. He urges us to consider the role of borders and to consider why the idea of opening up one's borders is so frightening. In an ever-changing world in which cultures are becoming more intermingled, the meaning of identity must be constantly redefined, especially when the security of belonging to a place is becoming increasingly elusive. As our world grows smaller with increasing technological advances, these themes in Lee's novels become even more pertinent.

  1. Which of the following best describes the purpose of this passage?

A.    To entertain

B.     To criticize

C.     To analyze

D.    To inform

2.      Why does the author of the passage quote the first line of the novel Native

A.    To illustrate one of the themes in the novel

B.     To create interest in the novel

C.     To show how the book is semi-autobiographical

D.    It is the main idea of the novel

3.      According to the passage, which of the following is not a main theme of Lee's novels?

A.    Immigration

B.     Culture

C.     Espionage

D.    Identity

4.      Based on the passage, why do Lee's novels focus on race and cultural identity?

A.    Because Lee was born in Korea

B.     Because Lee’s ancestors are Korean

C.     Because Lee feels these issues are the biggest problem facing America

D.    Because Lee immigrated to America at a young age

5.      How does the author of the passage feel about the ideas presented in Lee's novels?

A.    excited that immigrants are easily able to redefine and establish themselves in new cultures

B.     concerned about the disappearance of cultures in a rapidly expanding and mixed world

C.     certain that all borders will eventually be eliminated so world cultures will commingle and fully assimilate

D.    critical regarding the role technology has played in society and how it destroys the immigrant experience

Reading Material

This formula is for people with deficiencies and anemic conditions. It aids in the body’s absorption of vital minerals such as iron, calcium, zinc, potassium, and sulfur. Take the following ingredients:
Parsley root        Comfrey root
Yellow dock        Watercress
Nettles              Kelp
Irish moss

Slowly simmer equal parts of these herbs with four ounces to a half-quart of water. Continue to simmer slowly until the volume of liquid is reduced by half. Strain, reserve the liquid, and cover the herbs with water once more. Then simmer again for 10 minutes. Strain and combine the two liquids. Cook the liquid down until the volume is reduced by half. Add an equal amount of blackstrap molasses. Take one tablespoon four to five times daily, not exceeding four tablespoons in a 24-hour period.

  1. What is the main reason for taking this formula?

A.    to increase the absorption of minerals

B.     to get rid of unnecessary minerals

C.     to serve as a mineral supplement

D.    to reduce the absorption of minerals

  1. If a 1/4 ounce of yellow dock is used, how much watercress should be used?

A.    1/2 ounce

B.     1/3 ounce

C.     1 ounce

D.    1/4 ounce

  1. If a patient follows the directions correctly, how often could the medicine be taken?

A.    Once every four hours

B.     Once every three hours

C.     Once every two hours

D.    Once every six hours

  1. Which cooking process is not required to make this formula?

A.    Filtering

B.     Whisking

C.     Evaporating

D.    Mixing







  1. How much more rain did Albany receive than Bunbury on the third of the month?

A.    0.35 inches

B.     0.30 inches

C.     0.55 inches

D.    0.25 inches

  1. What was the average amount of precipitation received in all areas on the fifth of the month?
  1. 0.95 inches
  2. 1.01 inches
  3. 0.80 inches
  4. 2.41 inches

12.  On what day was flooding most likely the greatest concern?

  1. Seventh
  2. First
  3. Fifth
  4. Sixth

13.  Based on the data in the table, which city has the driest climate?

  1. Bunbary
  2. They all have the same climate
  3. Coral bay
  4. Albany

14.  Which statement best compares the precipitation between Albany and Coral Bay?

  1. Coral Bay is usually slightly wetter than Albany.
  2. There is no difference between Albany and Coral Bay.
  3. Coral Bay is always much wetter than Albany.
  4. Albany is usually slightly wetter than Coral Bay.

Reading Material

The Channel Tunnel is an underwater tunnel that passes through the English Channel and connects England and France. Work on the Tunnel began in 1987 despite much controversy. Many protests took place due to concerns for the environment, fears about terrorism, and the risk of fire. Construction required five thousand workers to dig undersea in the Channel at all hours of the day using laser-guided Tunnel Boring machines. These machines cost around 7.5 million pounds and could construct up to one thousand meters of tunnel a month. Two tunnels were built for passenger trains, with a smaller service tunnel was built in between for maintenance and an escape route in the case of emergency. Costs to construct the Tunnel were much higher than anticipated, and loans were required to finance its construction. After many delays and additional costs, the tunnel was finally opened in 1995. The concrete tunnel's overall length is 50 kilometers, with 40 km being undersea. The journey time from England to France is only 35 minutes, and trains run every 20 minutes. Travel between London and Brussels takes three hours and 10 minutes. In its first year of service, the Tunnel accounted for 40% of the traffic across the Channel and had a turnover of 299 million pounds. Nonetheless, it suffered a huge loss of 925 million pounds due to the high interest the Tunnel company had to pay on the 8.1 billion pounds borrowed from banks.

15.  Given that one Tunnel Boring machine could build 1,000 m of tunnel a month and the Tunnel is 50 km long, how fast could the Tunnel have been built using two Tunnel Boring machines if there had been no delays?

  1. About 1 year
  2. Just under 5 years
  3. Just over 4 years
  4. Just over 2 years

Reading Material

The $100 Bill

Samantha pedaled quickly, glancing down at her watch as often as her balance would allow. The clock’s face read 10:57, sending a spike of panic shooting up her spine. She bent further over her bike, willing her legs to go faster. She screeched to a stop in front of a large restaurant bearing a bright blue, neon sign, her ears ringing, sweat breaking out on her skin. She hurriedly locked her bike to the lone pole positioned in front of the building, before pushing her way through the heavy glass front doors.

“You’re late.” Samantha stopped short, turning to face her boss. She was greeted with a stern face, her boss’ lips a thin line. She shook her head in apology. “I’m sorry, Paul. My bike’s tires were flat, and I forgot my I.D. badge, so I had to turn back—“ Paul held up his hand, cutting her off. “Just don’t let it happen again.”

Samantha threw her hair into a ponytail, hoping her shift would prove more successful as the day wore on. She nearly ran to her first table of the day, plastered a smile on her face, and greeted her first customers of the day. She responded to their questions politely, though her mind was still occupied by Paul’s disappointed expression as she ran in the door. Despite her initial mistakes, Samantha worked hard to remain chipper and upbeat, answering her customers’ questions to the best of her ability, forcing herself to smile when her eyes began to glaze over with tears. As her first customers left, she caught the eye of the elderly gentleman with the group. He winked, and walked through the doors. Confused, Samantha began to gather the dishes from the table and there, staring up at her, was a crisp $100 bill. She let a tear roll down her cheek. Her day had just gotten better.

16.  “The $100 Bill” is an example of what type of writing?

  1. Essay
  2. Biography
  3. Educational
  4. Narrative

17.  What can be deduced about the character of Paul from the 2nd and 3rd paragraphs of the story?

A.    Paul’s disappointment is a source of stress for Samantha.

B.     Paul does not treat Samantha well.

C.     Paul does not care what Samantha does.

D.    Paul is a mean boss.

18.  What is the topic of the passage?

A.    the presence of generosity in society

B.     the relationship between Paul and Samantha

C.     the difficulties of using a bike as one’s sole source of transportation

D.    Samantha’s workday failures and successes

19.  What is the purpose of this passage?

A.    to convince the audience to leave generous tips

B.     to teach the audience about proper workplace etiquette

C.     to tell a hopeful story about a down-on-her-luck waitress

D.    to warn against tardiness in the workplace

20.  Which of these may be inferred from the passage?

A.    The gentleman who left the tip was a friend of Samantha’s.

B.     Samantha’s job is a big part of her financial stability.

C.     Samantha’s trouble at work stemmed entirely from Paul.

D.    Paul was responsible for Samantha’s tire trouble.

Reading Material

To whom it may concern,

After a careful review of your submission, we have determined that your piece does not meet the requirements of the literary journal. We thank you for your interest in becoming a part of the journal and encourage you to review the guidelines and try again next year.

We look forward to seeing your work in the future. Good luck!

-Claymont High School Review

21.  What is the purpose of the passage?

A.    to inform a student that his work has not been selected for the student journal

B.     to discourage a student from submitting work in the future

C.     to announce a student’s success in applying for a student journal internship

D.    to encourage a student to submit work to the student journal

22.  What can be inferred about the student’s work from the explanation offered in the passage?

A.    The student failed to provide all of the necessary information for publication in the journal.

B.     The student’s work met the journal’s requirements.

C.     The student’s work content was inappropriate.

D.    The student’s work needs further revision and improvement before being accepted.

23.  Based on the passage, what should the student do in order to qualify for publication next year?

A.    Write a new poem that the journal’s staff has not read yet.

B.     Re-submit his work to another staff member.

C.     Re-read the journal’s guidelines and submit a work in compliance with those guidelines.

D.    Seek out another journal.

Reading Material

Eric and Billy purchased new bikes to use when they went off to college. Given the rising cost of gas, they felt the purchase was justified and reasoned that, living on campus, they would not require cars. Their mother, however, felt that a car should be shared between them, and presented them with a car as a gift. Following this gift, Eric and Billy returned one bike and determined that they could share both a car and a bike, reasoning that some gas savings was better than nothing.

24.  What does the passage explain?

  1. how to successfully complete the first year of college

B.     Eric and Billy’s decisions regarding transportation leading up to college

C.     the advantages of public transportation over personal vehicles

D.    Billy and Eric’s mother

25.  What is the nature of Eric and Billy’s mother’s assertion that a car is necessary?

A.    The necessity of having a car is a fact.

B.     The necessity of having a car is the mother’s opinion.

C.     The necessity of having a car is encouraged by the university.

D.    The necessity of having a car at school is an opinion of the school faculty.

26.  What type of text structure is used in this passage?

A.    cause and effect

B.     sequential structure

C.     compare and contrast

D.    descriptive structure

27.  What is a suitable synonym for the word “determined” in the context found in the passage?

A.    Realized

B.     Worried

C.     Dissuaded

D.    Concluded

28.  Where might this passage be found?

A.    a young adult novel

B.     a persuasive essay

C.     a nonfiction work

D.    a news article

Reading Material

Temika purchased a set of blocks for her young son. In the kit, she found three red triangles, six yellow stars, and five blue circles. Follow the directions below and determine the answer.

Remove two yellow stars and three blue circles.

Replace one star and two circles.

Remove one triangle, and replace the second star.

29.  How many of each color and shape are left?

A.    two red triangles, four yellow stars, and two blue circles

B.     two red triangles, six yellow stars, and four blue circles

C.     three red triangles, four yellow stars, and four blue circles

D.    three red triangles, two yellow stars, and one blue circle

30.  Despite the band practicing for months, a cacophony of noise greeted the stunned concert-goers.

Based on the sentence above, what is the meaning of the word “cacophony?”

A.    a loud, harmonious noise

B.     a beautiful or ethereal noise

C.     the sound of animals yelping

D.    a large, disharmonious sound or noise

  1. Take the word “Limped.”

Remove the “D” from the end of the word and place it at the beginning.

Next, move the “L” between the “P” and “E.”

Finally, replace the “D” with the letter “S.”

What is the final product?

  1. Dimple
  2. Slimed
  3. Simpel
  4. Simple
  1. The sententious woman finally relented, allowing Maria to walk to the pharmaceutical aisle.

What is the meaning of the word “sententious?”

  1. accommodating and readily available to help
  2. kind, courteous
  3. given to moralizing, or exceedingly self-righteous
  4. short-tempered and prone to random outbursts of anger

Reading Material


This year, Mom and Dad will be traveling to Hawaii for Christmas. Dylan and I hoped we could still get together at the house for the sake of maintaining tradition for our kids. If you and Susan don’t mind, we’d like to arrive two days before Christmas, as always, and uphold our typical schedules. Because Mom and Dad won’t be here, we’ll need help making Christmas dinner and desserts, and will also need help decorating the house for Christmas. Could you bring lights and ornaments? We will be providing the tree. Finally, we need help transporting all of our presents and decorations this year. Would you mind storing some of our decorations in your car for the drive to Mom and Dad’s?

Let me know!


33.  What is the purpose of this email?

A.    to request Andrew’s assistance in maintaining Christmas traditions

B.     to request Andrew’s assistance in caring for Sarah’s children

C.     to inform Sarah’s family of her Christmas plans

D.    to inform Andrew that his parents would be gone for Christmas

  1. Based on the email, what is the relationship between Andrew and Sarah?
  1. father and daughter
  2. brother and sister
  3. husband and wife
  4. best friends
  1. What is Sarah’s primary goal in having Christmas at her parents’ house?
  1. traveling for Christmas
  2. upholding family traditions
  3. spending Christmas with Andrew
  4. visiting Hawaii with her parents
  1. What word may be used to replace “maintaining” without changing the meaning of the paragraph?
  1. Neglecting
  2. Preserving
  3. Corresponding
  4. Delaying
  1. What conclusion can be drawn about the family’s Christmas traditions?
  1. They are family-oriented.
  2. They are designed for solitude.
  3. They are childish.
  4. They cannot be done without Andrew and Sarah’s parents.
  1. Take a 52-card deck. Note that there are 2 red and 2 black of each type of card in a deck: 2 red threes, 2 black threes, etc.

Remove each red eight and each black ten.

Next, remove all jacks.

Replace a single red eight card.

How many cards are left in the deck?

  1. 44 cards
  2. 45 cards
  3. 40 cards
  4. 47 cards
  1. When looking at a dictionary page, Ellen noticed the words at the top left and top right were “measly” and “melancholy,” respectively. Which of the following words would be located within this page?
  1. Meadow
  2. Meniscus
  3. Megalomania
  4. Methane
  1. Arthur is interested in selling his car and calls the local paper to place his vehicle’s “for sale” article. Which portion of the newspaper should Arthur ask to speak to?
  1. the upcoming events section
  2. the classifieds section
  3. the sports section
  4. the local news section

Reading Material

As young children, we are taught to read. From a tender young age, we are read to at bedtime, serenaded by a mother or father’s voice. As time goes on, we learn to read ourselves. In kindergarten, or even before, we come to understand the meaning of words on a page and how they are significant. As children grow up, however, many fail to foster a love of or appreciation for reading, instead labeling it as a school-time activity or a source of stress. Reading comes to be regarded as harrowing, tedious, and for many is only engaged in for the purpose of receiving a passing grade. However, those who wish to develop their communication skills may want to take a closer look; reading regularly has been shown to not only improve one’s writing skills, but to also assist in verbal communication and increase understanding of verbal and facial cues. Reading, then, should not be regarded as a chore or an insurmountable obstacle, but as a crucial aspect of learning how to deal with others and how to express oneself.

41.  Of these options, which title best fits this passage?

A.    Reading in Communication: An Essential Skill

B.     How to Read Properly

C.     The Importance of Learning to Read

D.    Why Reading is Good

42.  Given the context of the word, what might “harrowing” mean in sentence 5 of the passage?

A.    distressing, difficult

B.     foolhardy, uncouth

C.     simple, easy

D.    troubled, juvenile

43.  What is the author’s purpose in writing this passage?

A.    to discourage students from learning to read

B.     to encourage students to write

C.     to convey the importance of reading regularly

D.    to reprimand parents for not teaching their children to read

  1. At the top of a dictionary page are the words “pelican” and “perambulate.” Which of the following words does not belong on this page?
  1. Perigee
  2. Pepsin
  3. Pentathlon
  4. Penance
  1. Based on the heading and the formatting of the list, which of these answers best fits in the sequence?

American Fast Food Restaurants

I. Burger King

II. Hardees


IV. Taco Bell

V. Wendy’s

  1. McDonald’s
  2. Pizza Hut
  3. Chick-fil-A
  4. Golden Corral
  1. Frustrated by the obsequious behavior of her escort, Tammy tore herself from his lavish compliments and requests to assist her.

Based on the context clues, what does the word “obsequious” mean?

  1. attentive, thoughtful
  2. exceedingly cruel, uncaring
  3. exceedingly attentive, fawning
  4. uninterested, bored
  1. What is the purpose of a footnote?
  1. to provide a space for reader commentary
  2. to refer to another point in the text
  3. to provide additional commentary or a reference
  4. to refer back to another chapter in the work
  1. In a work of literature or nonfiction, what is the purpose of an index?
  1. An index serves as a reference for readers, listing the location of specific topics or concepts within the book.
  2. An index serves as a guide for readers in the beginning of the book.
  3. An index is a means of connecting a single work to other related topics.
  4. An index is a method of allowing readers to support a text with their own work.

49.   “Travelogue: n. Illustrated lecture or movie of travels”

The excerpt above would most likely be found in which portion of a textbook?

  1. the introduction
  2. the bibliography
  3. the table of contents
  4. the glossary
  1. Which of these publications is not an example of fact-based work?
  1. instruction manual
  2. scientific journal
  3. editorial content
  4. medical studies content

Reading Material

When faced with a difficult academic task, many students turn to tutors for assistance. Tutors range widely in specialty and cost, including tutors who focus exclusively on reading, and others who work in broad categories such as general math. Tutors may be found in variety of ways, including checking with your local school and seeking out prospective tutors online. When searching for a tutor, however, recognize that different specialties may incur additional fees or charges. When selecting a tutor, consider establishing a trial period to ensure personality types mesh well and services deliver what they promise.

  1. Given the context, what is the meaning of the word “incur?”
  1. become subject to, through an action or as a consequence
  2. establish, or to make immovable
  3. a foolish, or cowardly person
  4. to remove through force
  1. According to the paragraph, what is the purpose of engaging in a trial period when hiring a tutor?
  1. to ensure that the tutor is not scamming the student
  2. to ensure that the tutor meets the student and establishes a rapport
  3. to ensure that the student and tutor are well-paired, and to ensure that the tutor is providing adequate services
  4. to ensure that the student passes his/her classes
  1. According to the paragraph, how can students locate tutors/tutoring services?
  1. seeking help from a trusted friend or family member and contacting the local schools for tutoring services
  2. seeking out help from the student’s school and searching for tutoring services online
  3. seeking help online or seeking help from a trusted friend or family member
  4. reliable tutors are only found through local school tutoring programs
  1. Which of these is the best summary sentence for the paragraph?
  1. Tutoring services and methods of locating them are widely varied, but any tutor should be thoroughly checked out and tried before establishing a tutor-student relationship.
  2. There are tutors available for every subject and their services can be found online or in schools, depending on the price you are willing to pay.
  3. Tutoring services are varied in type and number and should be used whenever possible, especially when studying reading or the sciences.
  4. Many students turn to tutoring sessions when they need help in class and tutors can be found in many places, including through schools and the Internet.

Reading Material

Black Messenger Bag
Purse Size: Large
Purse Cost: $30
Purse Durability: Extremely Durable

Mustard Yellow Cross-Body Purse
Purse Size: Medium
Purse Cost: $14.99
Purse Durability: Medium Durability

Studded Clutch
Purse Size: Mini
Purse Cost: $65
Purse Durability: Delicate

  1. Melanie, a college student, is looking for a bargain bag. She needs something she can use for school that will last her through the semester. Given her need for a durable, relatively low-cost bag, which of the purses is the best choice for her?
  1. the black messenger bag
  2. the studded clutch
  3. None of the bags would work for Melanie.
  4. the cross-body purse
  1. Michelle is expected to attend a gala with her husband. She needs a place to store her wallet and the gala tickets. Which of the purses described would best suit Michelle’s needs?
  1. the studded clutch
  2. the cross-body bag
  3. the black messenger bag
  4. None of the purses would suit Michelle’s needs.
  1. Emily is searching for a bag for her granddaughter. Her granddaughter is bookish in nature, and is notoriously difficult to shop for. Which of the purses might best suit Emily’s granddaughter?

A.    None of these bags suits Emily’s needs.

B.     the black messenger bag

C.     the studded clutch

D.    the cross-body bag

58.  Aralee is visiting Seattle for the first time. She hopes to check out local art and history. What book will serve Aralee’s needs best?

A.    Seattle: A Brief History

B.     a comprehensive guide to Seattle’s sights and attractions

C.     a comprehensive atlas of Seattle and the surrounding areas.

D.    Seattle: A Novel





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