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East of Eden


Answer these questions: 1.What two purposes does setting serve in Steinbeck's east of Eden? 2. While writing East of Eden, Steinbeck shared with Covicci the importance he placed on balance in the novel. How does this focus affect the work as a whole? 3.What are two ways in which Steinbeck uses Cyrus Trask to develop important characters or themes within East of Eden? 4.Explain the concept of timshel in East of Eden and three ways which is illustrated in the story. 5. Throughout the novel, Steinbeck examines the monstrous nature of Cathy. The final scene of her life shows her thinking of her friend, Alice, "as she grows smaller and smaller and then disappeared- and she had never been." Why does Steinbeck use this allusion (Alice in Wonderland), and what does this last suggest about Cathy?

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