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Project on showing skills on Microsoft Word, Excel, Access, and PowerPoint


honestly I'm not sure what you would price a project like this. I can also attach the guideline and examples for the project if needed thanks.

CGS 1000 Final Project Instructions & Rubric 2016-17 

Project Overview 

The course final project is designed for you to apply the software application skills you acquired during the term. For this project, you will use all four of the Microsoft Office 2016 applications to create a unified project on a single topic. Although the instructions below are not step-by-step approach to the project, they serve as a rubric for you to include all of the required elements, and to demonstrate your skill and ability to use the four applications.


The previous assignments you completed should have instructed you how to carry out various functions in Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and Access. If you need assistance with “how to do something in one of the Office applications” return to your previous assignments in the MyITLab trainings and review how it was done in that assignment. Consult your instructor if you have questions about this project or how to complete any of the specific requirements. 

Software Requirements 

You must use the following software applications to create the final project: 

Microsoft Word 2016


Microsoft Excel 2016


Microsoft PowerPoint 2016


Microsoft Access 2016 

No other versions of Microsoft Office may be used. If you're missing any of the above applications, keep in mind that the computers in the Open Use Computer Labs (YBOR 303B or YFAC 229) have all of these applications available for your use. 

Project Topic 

You may select any topic that is of interest to you. The course instructor must approve your topic before you begin working on it--be sure to obtain his/her permission sooner rather than


later. Remember that your project will cover ONE topic. You will use ALL of the Microsoft Office applications to create content related to your chosen topic. 

Some examples of project topics include an overview of


      a business plan,


      planning for and attending college,


      a particular sport or sports team,


      moving out on your own,


      researching your planned career,


      planning for a dream vacation or a wedding,


      an informative overview of a particular country or culture,


      a specific passion in your life, etc.

CGS 1000 Final Project Instructions & Rubric 2016-17 

Project Minimum Requirements 

The minimum requirements for each of the four applications are detailed in the checklists below. 

Each application component is valued at 30 points. However, to earn full points for each you must demonstrate professionalism and creativity. 

The project is an opportunity for the student to put forth a strong effort to demonstrate professionalism and creativity in applying the software skills acquired during the term. Professionalism and creativity are measured in various ways, including 

       proper use of grammar, spelling, and sentence structure,


       overall completeness and cohesion of the final project,


       extra effort in applying additional skills covered in the course but not listed as a minimum,


       adding additional graphics or pictures without distracting from the message,


       applying appropriate color schemes,


       creative formatting of the Excel chart,


       using various design backgrounds with presentation slides,


       creating your own slide background instead of using a design template,


       adding a border to the Microsoft Word document component,


       graphically editing pictures and other graphics,


       adding external multimedia in the PowerPoint component etc. 

3.   This project must be an original creation, not a copy and paste from this semester's assignments. All rules concerning Academic Dishonesty and Plagiarism will be strictly enforced. 

4. The project must be based on your original work; you may NOT use any templates for the applications.2

CGS 1000 Final Project Instructions & Rubric 2016-17


Microsoft Access 2016 (30 points) 

Consider creating a contacts database for this part of the project. Do not use a template. Build your database table from scratch. Refer to the student example for ideas or ask your instructor for suggestions. 

___1. Create a database and name the file using your last name___final project


___2. Create a table and use a primary key in the first field


___3. Create a minimum of 6 fields


___4. Create a minimum of 6 records


___5. Include data for all the fields in the records


___6. Create a form


___7. Create a query containing 4 fields – your choice of fields


___8. Create a report from the query


Microsoft Excel 2016 (30 points)


This document can server as a budget or spreadsheet of information related to your topic. Do not use any of the budget templates. Create your own spreadsheet and build it to meet your needs for this project.


___1. Create an Excel workbook and name the file using your last name___final project


___2. Use a worksheet with a minimum of 6 columns and 6 rows


___3. Use a minimum of 6 column titles, Arial 12 pt, Bold, Fill color of your choice


___4. Use a minimum of 6 row titles. Arial 12pt


___5. Create formulas in no less than 4 cells


___6. Use the minimum, maximum, average, and sum functions


___7. Create a title for the worksheet merging and centering the text of a minimum of 6 cells


___8. Format title with Arial, 18 pt, bold, font color of your choice


___9. Apply borders to merged cells

CGS 1000 Final Project Instructions & Rubric 2016-17


___10. Rename the sheet tab using your last name


___11. Apply color to Sheet Tab


___12. Create a chart on separate sheet and include a title; name the sheet tab Chart


___13. Include a picture of your face on the Chart sheet


Microsoft PowerPoint 2016 (30 points)


Best practices when using PowerPoint: use font sizes 32 points or larger, use san serif fonts that are not too complex or distracting, use high contrasting colors, limit the number of images to no more than two per slide, use no more than 5 bullets in a list and no more than 25 words per slide, use high resolution images, limit animation and sound effects, and avoid putting text over images. Do not use fonts or text in all capital letters. Do not use any copyrighted images with a watermark.


___1. Create a presentation and name the file using your last name___final project


___2. Use a minimum of 10 slides


___3. Select a design theme or create your own theme


___4. First slide must be title slide layout with your name, course and section number


___5. Add a picture of your face on the title slide


___6. Add a picture style to the picture of your face


___7. One slide must have two levels of bullets


___8. Add a slide title to each slide


___9. Add a footer to the presentation with the date of development or slide number


___10. Use at least 2 different fonts but no more than 3


___11. Add Clip Art or other graphic to a minimum of 4 slides


___12. Apply slide transition to each slide in the presentation


___13. Use a SmartArt Diagram


___14. Create the background for one slide from a picture


___15. Add entrance effects to at least 1 text and/or 1 piece of Clip Art


CGS 1000 Final Project Instructions & Rubric 2016-17


___16. Create a table with a minimum of 2 columns and 2 rows


___17. Create a simple column chart


___18. Animate the chart


___19. Use high contrast font color based on the color of the slide background


___20. The last slide must indicate that the presentation is ending


Microsoft Word 2016 (30 points)


This document can serve as a flyer, invitation, memo, or announcement. Choose an option and then design the document around your topic.


___1. Create a document and name the file using your last name___final project


___2. Set margins to 1-inch top and bottom and 1 inch left and right


___3. Set line spacing to 1.5


___4. Create a header with your name and section number


___5. Create a footer with the page number centered to the page


___6. Create 1 bulleted list of a minimum of 2 bullets


___7. Add a picture of your face


___8. Apply a picture style to the picture of your face


___9. Add a page border


___10. Create a title for your document, font of your choice, 24pt, bold, color of your choice, and center it to the page


___11. Add a table to the document a minimum of 2 columns and 2 rows


___12. Format the table


___13. Center the table to the page


___14. Document must be no less than 125 words5

CGS 1000 Final Project Instructions & Rubric 2016-17


Submitting (uploading) the Project


1.       Launch MyHCC (Canvas)


2.       Navigate to the Final Project in the Assignments link

3.       Upload all files to the Final Project drop box

4.       Submit all four files once uploaded  



Grade Point Distribution

120 Points

Microsoft PowerPoint 2016


Microsoft Word 2016


Microsoft Excel 2016


Microsoft Access 2016


















































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