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MBA assignment Business analytics



See Attachment Assigment 2 for description- PowerPoint presentation with notes. 5-7 slides.

Please Use excel reference for financial numbers. This must be completed NO LATER than July 29th  by 8pm CST. Please refer  attached instrcutor provided Metabical electronic excel sheet for calculations


NOTE:  Answer must be Plagiarism free and NOT COPIED , last slide must mention all references.


- PowerPoint presentation with notes. 5-7 slides

Assignment 2: Case Study Brief


Due Week 5, Day 7 (Weight: 35%)


For this assignment, you will take on the role of an employee of health company Cambridge Sciences Pharmaceuticals (CSP). You have been assigned to assist Barbara Printup (Senior Director of Marketing) in crafting a launch strategy for Metabical – a new weight-loss drug.


The Chief Executive Officer of CSP is facing important decisions regarding the rollout of Metabical. Your goal is to provide Barbara with data-driven recommendations she can then present to the CEO. These recommendations need to be backed up with relevant data to ensure effectiveness and persuasiveness.


 create either a slide deck (5-slide  to 7 - slide minimum) for this assignment. Relevant information, such as models, calculations, and analysis results, should be included in appendices.


For this assignment, create a slide deck  that addresses the following 5 topics:


1.     Frame the problem. Utilize your work from Assignment 1 for this topic. Consider incorporating feedback from faculty into your document. Guiding Questions:

a.     What is the problem, clearly stated?

b.    What are the key variables you will need to study?

c.     Who is the stakeholder and what decision will they make based on the analysis results?

d.    What are the multiple ways you might solve this problem?

e.     What type of analytical story will you want to tell in solving this problem?

f.     What previous findings or experiences related to this problem are conveyed in the case study, or exist in the business industry?


2.     Solve for demand. Guiding Questions:


a.     Barbara has asked you to estimate the demand for Metabical. What are the forecasting options you should contemplate? For each option, what is your estimate of the target market?


b.    For each forecasting option, how many packages will the target market buy in year 1? How do the purchasing assumptions change in Year 2? What is your forecasted demand for each of the first 5 years?


c.     Which of the forecasting models do you recommend to estimate the demand for Metabical, and why? In addition to your forecast results, what data supports your recommendation?


d.    Why is providing sound guidance on expected demand important?



3.     Formulate a sound pricing strategy recommendation. Guiding questions:


a.     Barbara has also asked you to evaluate pricing options for the Metabical drug. Which pricing strategy would you recommend, and why?

b.    Is there any additional information you need to frame or solve the problem?

c.     Based on the demand forecast you chose in question 2, what are the forecasted sales in year 1? What are the forecasted sales in year 2? What are the forecasted sales up to year 5?


4.     Make a sound packaging recommendation. Assume that count size is based on a blister pack of seven (7) tablets that can be in turn packaged into a SKU with 1, 2, or 4 blister packs. Guiding Questions:

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