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1. Free ears in dogs are controlled by dominant allele (F), and attached ears are controlled by the recessive allele (f). In addition, Short dogs is due to a dominant allele(S), and long hair is due to a recessive allele (s). Which of the following is the genotype of thedogs with free ears and short hair?

a. ffss

b. FfSs

c. ffSs

d. Ffss


2. A blood sample taken from a patient who has an infection can be expected to show which of the following?

a Elevated white blood cell count

b Elevated red blood cell count

c Reduce red blood cell count

d Reduce White blood cell count


3. Which of the following organs remove nitrogenous waste from the body?

a. Liver

b. Large Intestine

c. Kidneys

d. Gall Bladder


4. An individual cell is able to make copies of its genetic information but is unable to produce encoded proteins. This indicates apossible problem in the___________.

a. Centrosome

b. Golgi apparatus

c. Acrosome

d. Ribosome


5. Which of the following digestive system structures releases amylase?

a. Goblet cells

b. Gallbladder

c. Salivary glands

d. Duodenum


6. Which of the following functions does the myelin sheath perform for a nerve cell?

a. Nutrition

b. Sensory perception

c. Insulation

d. Regeneration


7. Which of the following organs is responsible for secretion of the hormone insulin?

a. Pancreas

b. Thyroid gland

c. liver

d. Adrenal Gland


8. An increase in which of the following would lead to a decrease in the amount of oxygen in the blood?

a. Inhalation rate

b. Red blood cell count

c. Exercise rate

d. Alveoli surface area


9. Which of the following body system break down proteins into amino acids?

a. Digestive

b. Endocrine

c. Circulatory

d. Excretory


10. Which of the following layers of skin contains the sebaceous glands?

a. Hypodermis

b. Dermis

c. Stratum corneum

d. Epidermis


11. In the image

12. Osteoporosis result from which of the followings?

a. A decline of osteoblast activity while osteoclast activity continues at expected levels

b. A decline of osteoclast activity while osteoblast activity continues at expected levels

c. An increase in osteocyte activity while osteoblast activity continues at expected levels

d. An increase in osteocyte activity while osteoclast activity continues at expected levels


13. Which of the following occurs in the cardiac cycle if the impulse triggered at the sinoatrial node never close?

a. Diastole will shorten in duration

b. The ventricles will not contract

c. There will be an absence of systole

d. The atria will not contract.


14. Which of the following structures is found in all cells?

a. Cell wall

b. Mitochondria

c. Nucleus

d. Plasma membrane


15. Which of the following types of cell stimulates other immune cells to attack and destroy foreign agents?

a. Helper T-cells

b. Plasma cells

c. Cytotoxic T-cell

d. Natural killer cells


16. The process known as gastrulation results in the formation of which of the following embryonic structures?

a. Germinal layers

b. Neural crest

c. Coelomic cavities

d. Circulatory systems


17. Which of the followings molecules must undergo replication before cell division can occur?

a. ATP

b. ADP

c. DNA

d. RNA


18. Which of the following structures carriers blood away from the heart?

a. Ventricles

b. Arteries

c. Capillaries

d. Veins


19. Which of the following demonstrates condensation?

a. Dew drops from on a leaf

b. A water puddle dries up.

c. Water convert to steam

d. Ice form on a pond


20. Of pathogens by phagocytes are nonspecific cell

a. Antibody- mediated immunity

b. The internal aspect of adaptive immune system

c. The internal aspect of the innate immune system

d. Passive immunity


21. Which of the following unit is used to indicate mass?

a. Cm3

b. Um

c. Mg

d. mL


22. Which of the following demonstrate a chemical reaction of water?

a. Water boils to produce steam at 100 C (212 F)

b. Water produces gas with sodium metal

c. Water and oil separate when combined

d. Water dissolves sugar



23. In the experiment, students put brine shrimp in water with different concentration of salt and counted the number.

Which of the following changes to the experiment will increase confidence in the validity of the result?

a. Count the number of dead brine shrimp instead of living brine shrimp

b. Add more brine shrimp to the water with the highest salt concentration

c. Repeat the experiment several times, and calculate the average number of brine shrimp

d. Reduce the length of the experiment from 24 hours to 8 hours.


24. Where is the information stored in DNA?

a. Deoxyribose sugars

b. Phosphodiester bonds

c. Phosphate groups

d. Nitrogenous bases


25. Acid chyme produced by stomach is neutralized In the intestine by which of the following?

a. Pancreatic secretions

b. Brush- border enzymes

c. Gastric juice

d. Mucus production


26. In which of the following locations does the development of blood call take place?

a. Bone Marrow

b. Spongy bone

c. Endosteum

d. Periosteum


27. The component of an atom that possesses relatively little mass, thus being negligible in calculating the atom



c. Electron

d. Quart.


28. S and O are in the same periodic group and share chemical properties, but    H2S is a gas at room temperature, following is themain reason for this?

A.H2S has stronger ionic bonds than H2O

B.H2S has stronger intramolecular bonds than H2O

C.H2O has stronger ionic bonds than H2S

D.H2O has stronger intramolecular bonds than H2S




29.Which of the following reasons explains why it is important for new scientific findings to be published?

A. Scientists will get paid if their findings are published

B. Other scientists can validate or disprove the findings

C. Publishing findings will help scientists become more biased

D.This prevent other scientists from performing similar test.


30. Which of the following excess solutes from the the blood?



C. Spleen



31. the exchange of nutrients between tissues and blood primary occurs in which of the following locations?






32. The process by which gametes combine to form a zygote is called which of the following?

A. Parthenogenesis





33. Which of the following cellular processes produces gametes?

A. Mitosis

B. Glycogenesis




34. C3H8  + ________ O2   ======= 3CO + 4H2O . Which of the following balances the reaction above?






36. Which portion of the autonomic nervous system is responsible for an increased heart rate?






37. Permanent damage to which of the following types of tissues in the spinal cord will cause paralysis?

A.Muscle tissue

B.Nervous Tissues

C.Bone tissue

D.Connective tissue

38. Which
 of the following diseases is caused by immune system attacking the body’s nervous system?


B.Muscular dystrophy


D.Multiple sclerosis


39. Which of the following is the appropriate prefix to measure the amount of space taken up?

A. Mili





40. In addition to oxygen and carbon dioxide, the circulatory system is the primary delivery system for?

A.cerebrospinal fluid

B.exocrine secretions

C.biliary fluids

D.endocrine hormones


41. a biology class wants to perform an experiment to investigate the effect of different colors of light of green, yellow, red and clearcellophane and plant three seeds in each one. What part do the three seeds experiment?

A,Confounding variables

B.Independent variables

C.Control variables

D.Dependent variables


42. Iodine directly helps which of the following glands to function properly?









43. Genes are made of which of the followings types of sequences that code for one or more proteins?




D. Chromosome


44. Which of the following is a characteristic of a good hypothesis?

A.Original idea not based observation

B.Raises further questions

C.Should be testable

D.Contains more than two variables.


45. Which of the following

Relaxation of the diaphragm

Relaxation of the external intercostal

Contraction of the diaphragm

Contraction of external intercostal


46. Which of the following gland regulate the function of other glands in the endocrine system?

A.Thyroid gland

B.Pineal gland

C.Parathyroid gland

D.Pituitary gland


47. Which of the following reactions occurs during thermoregulation to increase body temperature?

A.The body relaxes the muscle

B.The body produces sweat

C.The body begin shivering

D. The body sends blood to the skin



48. Which of the followings terms describes the removal of metabolic waste from the body?



C. Secretion



49. A deactivated deadly strain of bacteria was first treated with protease enzyme. It was bacteria became deathly

Which of the following statements is a valid conclusion from the experiment above?

A. Killed bacteria components can make live bacteria deadly

B. Dead bacteria are more deadly than live bacteria

C.Protein are dangerous to bacteria and kill them

D.Protease enzyme causes live bacteria to become deadly


50. A DNA strand has the sequence 5’ A-C-A-G-T-A-A-A- 3’. Which of the followings if the real sequence?

A.3’ T-G-T-C-G-G-C-A-T-T-T 5’

B.3’ A-C-A-G-C-C-G-T-A-A-A 5’

C.3’ U-G-U-C-G-G-C-A-U-U-U 5’

D.3’ A-A-A-T-G-C-C-G-A-C-A 5’


51. Gains and losses of which of the following generally create an electrolyte imbalance?







53. Which of the following cellular organelles releases the energy contained in food?



54. which of the following describe the function of the neuron?

A.creates electrical impulses

B.transmits sensory information

C.stores potassium ions

D.produces electrolyte


55. Which of the following are the sites within the human body where dioxide and oxygen are exchanged?

A. Arteries

B. Alveoli

C. Synapses

D. Venules


56. which of the following types of bonds link base pair nucleotides within a double strand of dna?



57. In an experiment, students put brine shrimp in water with different concentrations of salt and counted the number of livingshrimp after 24 horus. Which of the following changes to the experiment will increase confidence in the validity of the result?

a. Repeat the experiment several times, and calculate the average number of brine shrimp

b. count the number of dead brine shrimp instead of living brine shrimp.

c. Add more brine shrimp to the water with the highest salt concentration

d. Reduce the length of the experiment from 24 hours to 8 hours


60. which of the following muscles causes goose bumps as a mechanism of thermoregulation?





61. Which of the following is the muscle action that results in exhalation and causes the air pressure inside the lungs to be higherthan outside the chest cavity? 
a) Contraction
 of internal intercostals 
b) Relaxation
 of the diaphragm 
c) Contraction
 of the diaphragm 
d) Relaxation
 of the external intercostals 



62. Which of the following substances is secreted by sweat glands in response to breakdown of proteins and formation ofammonia?



63. The component of an atom that possesses relatively little mass, thus being negligible in calculating the atomic mass number, is the





64. which of the following processes causes most of the carbon dioxide from the blood to move into the alveoli?
A. conversion to carbon monoxide
Diffusion down a concentration gradient
C. active transport using energy
D. passive transport using carrier proteins







1.A student's cell phone plan has a monthly charge of $40 for 600 minutes of use and a $0.25/minute charge for each additional minute. Last month, the student talked on the phone for 790 minutes. Which of the following is the bill for the month? 
A. $47.50 
B. $87.50 
C. $197.50 
D. $237.50


2.The ratio of the width to the length of a rectangle is 1:3. Which of the following ratios represents a rectangle with an equivalent ratio?



3. At a used car dealership, the first determinant in the price of the car is the model, followed by the mileage and the age of the car. Which of the following is the dependent variable? 

A. price 
B. model 
C. mileage 
D. age 


4. Which Number is the Least, 1/3, 2/5, 1/7, 3/8?



5. The hypotenuse (side C) of a triangle is 13 inches long. Which of the following pairs of measurements could be correct for the lengths of the other two sides of the triangle?

A. 5 inches, 12 inches


6. 15.75 divide 20.5?

A. 0.768


7. number of centimeters in 1 yard?

A. 90 cm



9. 70,000 seats and 58,426 seats reserved, how many are available?

A. 11,574


10. 200,000 -180,000 how many % decrease?

A. 10%


11. -2/3, -0.7, -1.3, -4/3 Greatest?

A. -2/3


12. A, B, C, and D are points on a line, and the lengths of the line segments are: AB = 12, BC = 4, CD = 7, and DA = 15. Which of the following is a possible order for the points?


B. A,C,D,B

C. A,D,C,B

D. A,C,B,D


13. 16 correct answer out of 20 question. How many % got right?

A. 80%


14. A Student is selling homemade lemonade. To make the lemonade, she must buy lemons for $0.75 each. She sells each cup of lemonade for $0.50.

Which of the following equations describes the overall profit, P, that the student would make by selling lemonade if X represents the number of lemons she buys and y.

a. P= 0.50y - 0.75x

b. P=0.50x - 0.75y

c. P =0.75y - 0.50y

d. P=0.75x - 0.50y


15. 4(x-5)=8

A. x=7

16. Two runners are competing in a race. One runner averages a pace of 7 minutes per mile and finishes the race in 28 minutes. The second runner finishes in 30 minutes. Which of the following is the pace of the second runner?

a) 7 minutes, 30 seconds per mile

b) 8 minutes, 30 seconds per mile

c) 7 minutes, 15 seconds per mile

d) 8 minutes, 15 seconds per mile


17. 250% of 60?

A. 150

18. 30, 29, 28, 30, 24, 12, 26, 33, 35, 23 find mean.

A. 26

19. 4+3x2-5

A. 5

20. If the pediatric unit of a hospital has 165 beds, how many rooms are there if each room holds 3 beds?

A. 55

21. a store sells two kinds of candles, scented and unscented. the scented candles burn 1/12 inches in 20 minutes. the unscented candles burn 1/6 inches in 30 minutes. which type of candle burns in 1 hour and what is its burn rate?

A. The unscented candles burn faster, at a rate of 1/3 inch/hr


22. 4(x-3)=2(3x+1). Solve for X?

A. X=-7

23. 5 feet, 10 inches in Centimeter?

A. 178 CM

24. A worker is paid 2,350 monthly and has $468 withheld from each monthly paycheck. Which of the following is her annual salary?

A. 27,732

B. 22,584

C. 28,200

D. 33,816


25. 20 mm to m?

A. m=0.02


1. a truck driver drives from city A to city B in 5 hr at a certain average speed and drives back from City B to city A in 4 hr at an average speed 15 miles per hr faster, which of the following is the truck driver average speed from city To City B?
A. 75 mph
b. 45 mph
c. 30 mph
d. 60 mph

2. A gumball machine contains red, orange, yellow, green, and blue gumballs. Twenty percent of the gum balls are  red, 30% are orange, 5% are yellow, 10% are green, and the rest are blue. If there are a total of 120 gumballs, how many more blue gumballs are there than yellow gumballs? 

A. 48 

B. 42 

C. 36 
D. 30

3. Every member of a high school class of 150 students was polled to see whom they would vote for in the election for student body president. The poll results are shown below. 
Candidate 1 46% 
Candidate 2 30% 
Undecided 24% 
If half of the undecided voters vote for Candidate 1 and the other half vote for Candidate 2, which of the following is the number of votes Candidate 2 will receive? 

A. 45 
B. 63 
C. 69 

4. A survey given to a random sample of 250 students at a small University asks which facility they use most often. The results are shown in the table above. If the results of the sample are projected to the entire student population 1,000 students, which of the following is the difference in the number of students who most often use the Union compared to the students who most often use the Music Hall? Recreation Center Library Union Music Hall 60 80 70 40


B. 280

C. 160

D. 300

5. 2x+5 If the width of a rectangle and the expression above describes the length, which of the following phrases accurately restates the expression?

A. Two times the sum of the five and the width

B. five times of the sum of two and the width

C. two more than five times the width

D. Five more than twice the width









1.Success on the job entails a number of skills; it encompasses strong analytical, communication.

Which of the following is a synonym for ‘entails’ as used in the sentence above?

A. Necessitates

B. Interjects

C. Accommodates

D. Solicits


2. As a true bibliophile, she spent a great deal of the time in the library.

 Which of the following defines the word ‘bibliophile’?

A.    A university professor

B.    A lover of books

C.    A research scientist

D.    A collector of rare maps


3. I had to wrack my brain and plum the depths of my resources the foul consequences of my previous vice.

Which of the following homophones should be used to correct the sentence above?

A.    Fowl

B.    Plumb

C.    Rack

D.    Vise


4.John followed the doctor’s ______ to get more rest.

A. Recommendation


5. In the race for student body government, both students were coequal. Their speeches each pointed to their records of service and academic excellence.

Which of the following options is the meaning of ‘coequal’ used in the sentence above?

A.    The students gave speeches that were the same length.

B.    The students had similar accomplishments

C.    The students shared the same opinion on the issues.

D.    The students were running for the same office.


6. 1. The rules for lighting are not always this simple, but the possibilities are endless.

    2. The secret to taking beautiful photographs is an understanding of composition and lighting.

    3. When both composition and lighting are well considered, a fantastic photo is just a click away.

   4. With a proper understanding, lighting can be used to capture detail, provide contrast, and express moods.

5. A simple rule of composition is to mentally divide the frame of your view into thirds, both horizontally and vertically, and center your focal point on one of the intersections.


If sentence number 2 is the topic sentence, which of the following sequences of the remaining sentences best forms an organized, local paragraph?

A.    3,4,1,5

B.    4,1,5,3

C.    4,5,1,3

D.    3,5,1,4



8. The gist of the saying went something like this: If a person wants to get ahead in life, you have to be willing to work for it.

Which of the following language conversions is violated in the sentence above?

A.    Use of a colon

B.    Punctuation of an introductory clause

C.    Verb tense

D.    Pronoun-antecedents’ agreement


9. The job applications were shown to an anteroom, where they waited to be called for their interviews.

Which of the following is the meaning of the prefix “ante-”as used in the sentence above?

A.    Beyond

B.    Before

C.    Against

D.    After


10. which of the following sentence us punctuated correctly?

A. A carpenter must use certain tools – hammers, saws, chisels to finish a job.  

B. A carpenter must use certain tools hammers, saws, chisels - to finish a job. 

C. A carpenter must use certain tools, hammers, saws, chisels, to finish a job. 

D. A carpenter must use certain tools – hammers, saws, chisels - to finish a job. 


11.Plural form of “Crisis”?

A. Crises


12. which of the following sentences correctly uses subject-verb agreement?

A. computers has made our jobs easier.

B. Those two girls in the first row is best friends.

C. The dogs in our backyard growls late at night.

D. The tennis balls roll into the parking lot.


13. Because of all your running around, their clients are confused about whose in charge, and the company is loosing its competitive edge.

Which of the following contractions should be used to correct the error in the sentence above?

A.    Who’s

B.    You’re

C.    They’re

D.    It’s


14.which of the following is an example of accidental plagiarism?

A. Submitting a paper that was written by a friend.

B. copying information from a source and identifying it as your own

C. Summarizing information without including a source credit

D. Forgetting to include an in-text citation for information


15. The top-secret blueprints were for an intergalactic spaceship.

Which of the following is the meaning of the prefix “inter-”as used in the sentence above?

A.    Past

B.    Into

C.    Among

D.    Below


16.which of the following sentences is grammatically correct?

A. The student wrote too slow to finish the exam, but he has always been a slowly writer.

B. The student wrote too slow to finish the exam, but he has always been a slow


C. The student wrote too slowly to finish the exam, but he has always been a slowly writer.

D. The student wrote too slowly to finish the exam, but he has always been a slow writer.


17. Which of the following sentences would most likely to be found in an email from a professor to her biology students at a collage?

A. Traffic on Highway 32 will be rerouted to Main Street during renovation of the 7th Street Bridge.

B. I didn’t get any constructive feedback on my paper during the peer review last week.

C. We want to go out for dinner, but we haven’t decided where to eat yet.

D. Research groups from the 10:30 a.m. Tuesday class should meet in the library this week.


18. Which of following words is spelled correctly?

A. Foreign

B Vien

C. Hieght

D. Reveive


19. Which of the following options is correctly punctuated?

A. The runway truck, which had been parked on a steep hill, swerved and teetered before jumping a curb and slamming into a tree.

B. The runway truck, which had been parked on a steep hill swerved and teetered, before jumping a curb and slamming into a tree.

C. The runway truck which had been parked on a steep hill, swerved and teetered before jumping a curb, and slamming into a tree.

D. The runway truck which had been parked on a steep hill swerved, and teetered before jumping a curb and slamming into a tree.


20. Which of the following is an example of second-person narrative voice?

A. You go to the window because someone is knocking insistently on the front door.

B. We are planning to trip to Florida for our vacation in January.

C. She won first place at the country fair with my homemade blueberry pie recipe.

D. I wanted to visit the art museum to see the new sculpture exhibit.

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