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1 All of the following happen at an "opening conference" except which one?



The compliance officer will inquire whether a union represents the employees.


The compliance officer will offer to fax or send certification credentials to the employer


The employer is told of the planned scope of the inspection


The compliance officer will identify the records he would like to review during his inspection



OSHA inspectors are called ________.



inspection officers


compliance officers


detail officer


supervisory enforcement officers


The "opening conference" is characterized by all of the following except which one?



The compliance officer will state what specifically he would like to do during the physical inspection.


The compliance officer will identify the physical locations he would like to inspect.


The compliance officer will state the reason for the inspection.


The compliance officer will request no union representative or complainant employee accompany the inspection.


OSHA's authority to inspect workplaces is set forth in what section of the Act?



Section 10 (a)


Section 6 (a)


Section 8 (a)


Section 2 (a)


Which of the following is not a good audit tip to avoid legal pitfalls?



Be prepared to respond in a timely fashion to every hazard identified in the audit.


Document every significant step taken to respond to hazards.


Neither exaggerate nor understate problems found in the audits.


Only destroy audit documents that have no paper trail.


When OSHA requests a court to issue a warrant, it must establish what to justify the search?



a relaxed possible cause standard


historical record of violations


a relaxed probable cause standard


none of the above, because it has the right to do so without justification based on Section 8(e)


What term is applied to a privilege created by the courts, as opposed to that created by a legislature?









Common Law



All of the following factors are used to determine if the common law audit attorney/client privilege exists except which one?



Whether there is a low public interest in encouraging audits of this type to be considered.


Whether there is a strong likelihood that not applying the privilege in this context will discourage companies from conducting these types of audits.


Whether the information at issue was generated in the course of a self-audit conducted by the company.


Whether the company intentionally preserved the confidentiality of the information.



OSHA's self-audit policy:



extends to information gathered as analyses, conclusions, and recommendations resulting from the audit.


was published in the Federal Register in January 2000.


is legally binding.


states that it will issue a citation for a violative condition discovered as a result of the self-audit.


All of the following are exceptions to OSHA's warrant requirements except which one?



plain view




a union contract is in place



Briefly outline the purpose, scope, provisions and limitations of OSHAs Voluntary Self-Audit Policy. What are the risks to your company of this approach to achieving a safe work environment?

Please provide approximately 200-300 words and a reference citation for your source material in your response.


What are the key points that should be covered during an opening conference, both from the OSHA Inspector and from you, the safety/health/environmental manager?

Please provide approximately 200-300 words and a reference citation for your source material in your response.


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