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Labor Economics Statistic Project


this is the 2 people project, I mainly need the responses for the questions #3

Assignment Requirements
1. Groups: You may work in groups of two (2) people for this assignment. Please hand
in a single paper (that is, one paper per team). If you would like to work with someone,
but do not feel comfortable asking someone else in class to work with you, email me
and I will randomly match people who would like to be randomly matched with a
2. Due Date: You must email me your assignment by 5:00 PM on Monday, May
3. Formatting: Please type up your responses, and format any statistical results in
readable tables. That is, DO NOT send me screen captures of Stata output from your
computer screen. I have no preference between single and double spacing. There are no
page requirements or limits, but please be reasonable (there is no reason this needs to
be 10 pages long). I would expect that about 4 pages (maybe less) would be sucient.
4. Do-File: Along with your typed paper, you must submit a Stata \do- le." A do- le
is simply a text le that contains all of the commands that you are asking Stata to
execute. These are the instructions that you pass along to the Stata software program.
5. log-File: Along with your typed paper, you must also submit a Stata \log- le." (:smcl
format). This is a le that records all of the output that is being printed to the screen.
This is a convenient way for you to store all of the results as you are writing your
paper. That is, you do not need to have Stata open as you are writing your paper.
Instead, you can run all of your commands, have the screen output printed to a log- le,
and then consult that as you write up your results.

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