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Schools are in session hence there is an excessive amount of homework flowing from teachers to students. This could be overwhelming in various cases especially where a parent/ working mums must ensure that the tasks from school are completed. Positive expectations and hope for success are frequent feelings for every stakeholder in the education sector despite the challenges that come with achievement of such dreams. Personally, students are expected to be the drivers of their own success with minimal help from teachers and parents. An enormous amount of work is laid down for the student to complete in the form of teaching schemes. This doesn’t mean that the leaners should completely rely on classroom tasks to excel in life but more emphasis is given to them. Today, talented students are getting scholarships and somehow favorable entry chances to the best colleges due to co-curricular activities.  Schools'administrations appreciate the extra miles such leaners will take their institutions in regard to the market share. Competition in the education sector is real and merit could come a little way when institutions look the profit motive way.


Everyone is ready to succeed but no one is willing to give up the free time enjoy for school homework. Imagine sacrificing your weekends and probably every other evening to complete your assignment? This could be pressurizing for everyone in the family but there are scientifically proven methods on how to reduce such battles. Circumstances triggers tension especially when homework occupies all the time for everyone in the family. Despite the distress caused daily chores and duties that we have to attend to, evenings could be as chaotic as the day.  The good news is that we are here to help in your exercises.

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As an excellent homework answers providers to students in every subject, our service is the most convenient one in the market where you get the questions or quizzes done online by our professional teachers. We must all agree that it is difficult for students to complete all their assignments on the time specified hence this website comes in handy.  In today’s education cycle, classwork and syllabuses cannot be completed without the learner and tutor playing their part thus large amount of assignments are left for the kids to complete. The following are easy and well explained steps to get started on this website.

Posting the question 

Every classroom work given by a teacher to the students is in the form of questions. These tasks could be easy or hard to solve but we don’t actually choose. The form above is the easy to use. Fill it up and click on the submit button and we shall be glad to work out your problems. Here are the details about our forms for posting.

Assignment title is required

This is because every question should have unique and original title for ease of identification and arrangement of information in our database.  Every user is therefore mandated to give his homework a unique identity so that out professors and tutors can easily identify with it. Our system arranges all the projects, papers and questions for every user’s account. To easily identify your latest activity, a good title will help. 

Email address is required. 

This is requested when posting a question and you aren’t using your account as a registered member of our community. We don’t need you to create an account then post your question no, you can do them at the same time. Provision of an email address thus ensures that we create a user-account for you and send the relevant details to it. If you have used our services before, please provide the email address that was used to earlier. As an existing user, log in to continue after posting your question with a previously registered email address.

The Due Date

During the introductory part of this article we mentioned about proper planning required by a student to accomplish all his assignments or quizzes given for a specified school session. The same applies while seeking for homework answers from an online source like our website. Provision of accurate and earlier deadlines/due dates assists both the student and tutor on the following aspects;

  1.        .Timely delivery of your work by our teachers.
  2. ·         Adequate time is available for the learner to review, conceptualize and understand the answers.
  3. ·         Enough time is given for the tutor to make revisions should the student feel that what was delivered is not enough to score A++ grades. 

Notably, most students indicate the current day’s date as their due date when posting their questions on our site. This could be good if you are sure about it but depending on the amount of work and urgency required, high quality tutors may charge you a higher price.

Field of study

As a student, learning is organized in subjects like English, Math, Spanish, Accounting, Chemistry, physics etc.  On our website; we also arrange every assignment or activity in such categories. The helpers are profiled according to their qualifications in particular fields of study. I believe when seeking for our services you wouldn’t want an accountant working on your psychology homework since he could not have mastered the concepts required to provide such answers. Everyone needs his or her work to be delivered with substance and quality as compared to form. We ask for your subject area for this specific purpose. Our tutors receive automated notifications about newly posted questions in their most relevant field of study. This levels the chances for a tutor to bid for his most qualified field and hence deliver quality and original work. Please always select the right subject for your homework. If you don’t find it listed, you can always choose others and answers will be provided either way.

The description 

In a simpler language, it is the content section of your question. You can input all the information pertaining to the problem at hand here. The section is important since the student needs to make provision of all the necessary details about the work. Tutors use this section to view in details exactly what your work entails, know the amount of research to undertake for him to guarantee quality A++ answers and decide whether he can make any logic out of your question. Probably you might have some questions in a document form like Microsoft Word , Power point, Excel workbook etc. , this can be uploaded on our database as an attachment either when posting the query or thereafter. Simplicity to use our website is our goal so you can also copy and paste the content of your question in the description box. It might look small but it can accommodate any number of words or characters and will be completely viewable by other users when submitted. To add attachments after using the above form, please go to My homework>My questions>Add attachments/Edit question. If you need to include attachments as a guest, use this form.

The price section

Since we exist in a competitive market, we don’t dictate or pre-determine our charges for any service. The student comes up with a sensible amount of money that he or she is willing to pay for our services. Indicating low prices shall drive away topnotch tutors since other users who need quality and know that they have to pay higher prices to buy homework answers indicate inciting amounts. Only newbies will go for a small amount and deliver great answers but with time just like in any other market, their profile rises and they now go for the big guns. However, whatever the price tag on your question, we guaranteed you quality and efficiently delivered solutions to your question.  

Submit homework 

For the other users to view your question, it is important that you click on the Submit button and this should happen after filling the Anti-Spam box. Our website is designed for human use and we keep bots and spammers away at all costs. Since you are a guest or first timer on the website, you should get into your provided email address’ inbox and check for the log-in credentials. Remember to always edit your profile and change the automated password to one which you can easily recall. When logged in, you can now comfortably be able to interact with other private users who mostly should be sending you bid requests for your question’s answers. To check if there is a handshake thread already existing go to My Homework> My Questions and click on the first link. Check the details box on the question page for handshake thread. The details box should also contain your username and the price for the work. 

Using the website-existing users 

For a person that is already registered and has an account, submitting or posting your assignment is easy, simple and free. You can post your questions either while logged in or similarly as a guest but for consistency and indication of the answers to your account. It is paramount that you give the details of the email address already in use on the site. As a logged in user, you don’t have to provide an email address when posting the quizzes or problems that you are getting in your assignment. All that is required are the rest of the details in the form which by now is familiar to you, to get started CLICK HERE.

My homework has been submitted, what next?

Now that your assignment has been successfully posted, tutors will send you bidding messages for them to provide answers. Instant notifications have been sent to the most relevant tutors according to their subject specialization. If you have not changed the details for logging in to the site, make sure it is done by editing your profile. Anyone that is online should be reviewing your work by now if he or she hasn’t done that already. Teachers that feel qualified to work on your solutions should be sending you handshake messages by now. To check whether you have been approached by a tutor, please open your assignment page using your questions’ tab. Review and read all the messages using the threads in your details box on the question page. If you identify a person that has already delivered quality work earlier, it is always advisable to allocate him your assignment. For postings that are specifically meant for a certain teacher, only such a person shall send a handshake request. Scenarios may occur where you are approached by quite new teachers and if this is the case, then you should review their profiles and check for rating s by other students. Also it is important to verify that the tutor is well aware of what your homework entails by checking that he has given some concepts or facts about your work in the messages. After selecting your favorite tutor, it is now time to give him a go ahead to work on your answers. This is accomplished by signing the agreement between you and the tutor. Before signing the agreement please make sure that you have agreed on the deadline, the price for your and the amount of down payment to pay for it before the tutor starts working.

Deal signed, when should I expect delivery? 

Now that you have signed our online agreement, the teacher selected will start working on your answers instantly. The deadline agreed upon must be met and any late submission should be reasonably explained or communicated by the tutor. We advise the learners to indicate earlier due dates to accommodate any contractual arrangements fluctuations between them and the teacher. Should your assignment be urgent, the allocated person must have verified that he will deliver in the specified timeline. Always indicate deadlines that give you time to review the work and make any revisions if necessary.

Remedies for late submission by a teacher

Assuming the person you signed an agreement with did not deliver on time and neither has he or she communicated as to why this happened, the following could be done;

Communicating with the contracted tutor

Using our messaging service, a professor can receive messages from any user. This would hence include a complaint from a student about lateness. Remind the teacher that it is past the due date and that you really need to submit it for grading. He or she should definitely reply to your inquiry and give specific timeline on when you will receive the answer. Should communication fail, here is another option to get the attention of your tutor.

Filing a dispute 

Every contract signed on our site has some monetary value and that is why we request users to make thirty percent down payment to seal an agreement. The purpose of this contractual agreement is to make sure that every party to it meets his or her obligations. With the signed deal, you can comfortably file disputes, rate the teacher and get a refund incase the teacher didn’t deliver as agreed. To file a dispute, get the specific PayPal transaction code and go to My homework>Disputes. Click on file dispute, select the specific code number and indicate the reason for the dispute. The transaction code can be found on your sent payments panel. The funds in the teachers received payments section shall be held hence he cannot withdraw them. He will have to either deliver your solutions or make a full refund for your downpayment for the dispute to be resolved. Refunded monies shall appear on your received payments section and they shall be eligible for withdrawal after ten days. Withdrawals are processed by the admin within 24 hours. Only one dispute can be filed for every transaction code.

Accessing your question’s answers  

Since the signing of the contract, the teacher selected has been working on your assignment and now has posted them to your question. It is now time for you to complete the contract’s obligation by purchasing that exact solution from the expert assigned. To do this, you will need to go to your questions page and scroll down until you find the Answer section. If you see multiple teachers have submitted solutions to your questions, then you are obligated to purchase the one from your contract party. This is because if you get it from other tutors, a completely new purchase shall be processed and down payment paid won’t be deducted from the transaction. After you have picked the answer from your earlier selected teacher, click on the purchase button and proceed as instructed by the system .When the process is completed, you will be redirected back to the answer page. Download any available attachments and also copy and paste any other content that would be on the page. Take you time to review the solution and indicate to the tutor any revisions which could be necessary. Purchased answers can always be accessed by the user at any time. You can view them by going to your homework pane and clicking on the Purchased Answers tab.

Happy about your answers? 

It is always our pleasure to be part of your academic success. Since you have utilized our service and aced that class, it is only fair that you leave a good review about the teacher who helped. This can be accomplished by giving your review both to the handshake and bought solutions. Our rating system allows upto five stars where five is the highest and excellent review and one is the poorest. Indicated the reason why you are so pleased about the teacher for other students to read on his or her profile. A good review would be something like (Great tutor, he delivered quality and kept me posted on the progress) - for the handshake 

For the answer, a proper review would read something like this (I scored A++ on this paper, I will use him again and again, I advise you to use him too!) 

Utilizing our tutorials 

Times may come when you find a question that is exactly like yours. Luckily, a teacher has already answered it and for purposes of time, you buy the solved problem. The purchased solution should only be used as a tutorial and guide to freshly re-writing a new one. This will help in avoiding submission of plagiarized work for grading which could lead to high penalties from you professor, teacher or instructor. Every Answer box has details about how many students have used it and who posted it. This could help a great deal in avoiding plagiarism since the ones purchased by several students would require re-writing before submitting .There is no limit to the number of times a question can be answered and hence several tutors may provide solutions to a specific question. If you find a tutorial that is answered by many teachers, please consider purchasing the one that has not been previously bought. You should consider the ratings and reviews of the answer’s author and also compare prices. For a non-purchased answer, it is always advised that you do a plagiarism check and verify if it has been utilized by any other student earlier.

Success in online tutoring

Ask every successful online tutor, he or she will tell you that it has been a journey. For starters, everyone wants to make money instantly when they join the site. Here are tips to quick-start your career as an online teacher using our website. 

First you will need to create a teacher account. This is done by simply registering for free. After signing in, you should be able to create a profile telling your future customers why they should hire you. When you have created an attractive profile, it is now time to confirm your payments account. This is done by simply clicking on the Verify PayPal Button that appears at the top of your teacher profile. You will be redirected to PayPal and it shall request that you log into your account. After logging into PayPal, you will then be redirected back to our website and your payment receipt details shall have been verified. Notice that payments’ receipts details verification is free and easy. It is now time to go ahead and work.

Get working. 

Now it time to get to work. First you need to be aware of new homework questions. This is ultimately possible due to the messages sent by our system to your inbox every time a question relevant to you has been posted. To bid on the work, you have to proactively approach the student and let him or her know that you can provide quality solution(s) to that specific question. The approach is made by sending handshake messages. To convince the student enough, please give conceptual details and let him know that you understand the facts about that work. You can also show him or her examples of your work and give guarantees about the quality of answers you will deliver.

Selling tutorials-a quick way to make money online

Our system allows teachers, professors and tutors to post tutorials for students to utilize in their studies. Suppose you have a question that you have worked on and feel that this would be useful to certain types of students? It would be easy for you to have a platform where you can sell the solution and safely get you money. Here we allow you to sell high quality tutorials other than just looking for freshly posted homework. The difference between a tutorial and a student’s homework is that they are not allowed to have handshake agreements. This is because the person posting it already has an answer and he will instantly provide it. To make one, submit a question on the website by using our forms and check the Is tutorial box. If the form you are using doesn’t have that check box, you can always edit your question and mark it as a tutorial before posting the answer. This will let other teachers who are online that you don’t intend to source for help since you already have the solution to that problem.

Charges for selling tutorials

We let the teachers sell their solutions online by posting them for free. To this effect, we shall store and market your solutions i.e. let students find it for free. While we do not dictate the price for such tutorials, teachers are supposed to indicate reasonable costs to their answers. The factors to consider are the quality, the demand for that question, number of pages and amount of time spent in creating such answer. There is no limit to the number of times a tutorial or any other solution can be bought, to that effect, we always advise authors of such frequently purchased solutions to update them each time it is bought since we do not want to sell plagiarized papers to our students. If a teacher doesn’t make updates to his or her solutions frequently, the admin has an option of taking such a question down. We always charge a 20% commission every time your tutorial is purchased. This is just like the normal answers’ purchase commissions. For example if you sell a lecture for $ 100, we shall debit our account with $20 and credit your account with $80. This money shall be available for withdrawal ten days after the student made such a transaction assuming the solution is not disputed. We want to make you successful so utilize this chance and start posting your academic solutions now. Remember the best tutorials are those that have all details about the questions and of course quality original solutions. Here is an example of a tutorial purchased several times TEAS questions and The Facebook deal. We wish you success!

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