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Homework Assignment 8


Suppose the number of equipment sales and service contracts that a store sold during the last six (6) months for treadmills and exercise bikes was as follows:

                               Treadmill          Exercise Bike

Total sold                       185                            123

Service contracts            67                               55

The store can only sell a service contract on a new piece of equipment. Of the 185 treadmills sold, 67 included a service contract and 118 did not.


Complete the following questions in the space provided below:

  1. Construct a 95 percent confidence interval for the difference between the proportions of service contracts sold on treadmills versus exercise bikes.
  2. Is there a major difference between the two pieces of equipment? Why or why not?
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Week 3 Discussion

"Types of  Partnership."  Please respond to the following:

You, Tony and Sheila decide that perhaps a general partnership is not your best option (see last week's discussion question).  Tony suggests that you form a limited partnership.  Sheila thinks that you should form a limited liability partnership.  Discuss whether any of these types of business formations would be appropriate.  Focus on the pros and cons of each.

Bus 309 discussion homework

six discussion question. each question needs to be at least 130 words. i will have some articles that you can read to help with the discussion but i'll send the articles once we handshake:)


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